No long winded wrap-up, just the nice and informational video of the new Windows Phone Start Screen.


Credit: Windows Phone


  1. with the arrow gone, how will one access his list of all apps? will folder creation be introduced? so excited! will certainly get me a windows phone 8 on launch day! :))

  2. @maxime You do know that you can also swipe the screen to the left and to the right to get to your apps and back to your start screen? The arrow is not the only option.

  3. I really love the new start screen! Yeah, we’ll probably just swipe; it’s not that much more difficult so eh.
    I would love to get that on my Surround, but I’m not going to hold my breath that AT&T will push it. It’ll probably have to wait until I upgrade, then I’ll ask for an unlocked “dumb” SIM to get it through MS.
    I STILL don’t have 8107…

  4. And, of course, we get more real estate for tiles with the arrow gone, so I’m Very Okay with that trade-off.

  5. I also have no doubt that the OCD graphic designers among us will appreciate the centering of the start screen from its current asymmetric arrangement.

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