Yep.  It’s here.  The new ‘Jesus phone’.  The 4th Generation iPhone from Apple.  I tossed in a few bucks on a pre-order at BestBuy, and then picked it up bright and early on Thursday morning, spending about 10-15 minutes on the entire affair (pre-order included).   This is the first non-HTC phone I’ve owned in a very long time, and I couldn’t pass it up.  I was finally upgradable at a time that the iphone was getting a new version.  Something that had never happened before for me (since I’m a phone whore and – believe it or not – have already chosen my next phone, which will be here next MONTH) and I planned on taking advantage of this fact.

$330 was the total price.  I had a $50 gift card from the preorder, and then a $150 gift card from something else.  So the total cost at pickup was $130 out of my pocket.  ($180 total since I used the preorder gift card)… ANYWAY…

I walked out with my new 32GB iphone 4.  And I couldn’t be happier with it.  Seriously.  And I was a big opponent of the iPhone for many years.  It’s the single nicest piece of electronics I’ve EVER held in my hands.  Ever.  Limitations of operating system, apps, and possibly even reception aside… this thing BLEEDS hi-tech.  It’s gorgeous.

I have a more comprehensive review being written (and it’s almost done), but to sum up my excuse for not posting it now: on Thursday I picked up my phone, went to work for a little while, then jumped on a plane to California, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t post it just yet.  I’ll be uploading photos of it, taken with it, and comparison shots from various other devices that I can get my hands on.

For now though, please enjoy the following pictures.  They are all taken with the iPhone 4.

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  1. The McDonald’s picture looks like The Mall in Columbia :D Sad to see you jumped off the HTC bandwagon.

  2. Too bad you bailed on HTC before the Evo and HD2 came out. You took a step
    down with Iphone.

  3. David, you don’t need to go back to the homescreen to switch apps. Double tap the home button, the task switching menu comes up and you can select any app you’ve been using.

  4. It’s pretty funny because I played with one over the weekend and ended up thinknig that I still wasn’t impressed. It’s better than Android but I don’t think it feels like a million dollar product in my hand. I actually had an unbiased third party (my wife who is consdiering getting one over her Pure) and she palyed with it for about 15 minutes and didn’t think she had much use for it beyond her Pure! And that thing is garbage!:) There’s a lot of going into an app, go to the homescren, into another app and repeat…it gets old quickly.

  5. Apple excels at making fairly good and well polished hardware. What they suck balls at is customer respect and making even passable software. You’re review will reveal more than your first impressions with the hardware. Plus it hard to take a 200$ ass dive onto Steve Job’s anal rape machine. Good thing you’re a phone whore or I’d envision massive butt hurt through the next two years.

  6. Played with the iPhone 4 at a friends house yesterday during the Argentina Vs Mexico match. The resolution on the screen is great, but at arms distance it looks no different from my HD2. My friend who is the biggest iSheep ever loved the screen size on my HD2, and played with it more because of FPSCE than I did with his iPhone. Besides apps being organized in folders, I did not see much difference between this iPhone and my wife’s 3G. Oh yeah, he had a wallpaper of his car in the background which he wouldn’t shut the f*** up about, what is this, 2002? What was most hilarious was when I showed his cousin the grip of death trick only to have a follow up response with, “well I always use my headset anyway when I speak.” Priceless.

  7. hey Chris thanks for the Iphone comments but since the Touch Pro 2 will not seethe light ofday Ill take it :)

  8. Chris thanks for the Iphone 4 review good insight but if the Touch Pro2 will never see active serviced again Ill take it :)

  9. @Mike Vee:
    I’m looking for a transition phone to use so i can properly retire my fuze… :( It’s not doing what I want for the past 4 months now :(

  10. Honestly, I think the iPhone 4 is clearly the best iPhone yet and its not even close. Improved specs, different look, and it has facetime. The thing is that the day to day usage does not vary much from a 3GS or 3G. The user still has to go out of the app, into the app switcher (cough-Task Manager), into a recently used app. Where is the integration of the apps?

    The pictures are top notch and video quality looks to be excellent. For most iPhone users this is an awesome upgrade and that s nice. I just don’t want to see mountains of “best phone ever and its not even close” articles.

  11. So what will yo do with your TP2 now?
    I’m still waiting for the fabled sucessor to the TP line but my Fuze is starting to die on me (peeling keys, unresponsive buttons, wierd hardware issues, etc)

  12. co-sign to this post. proud 4 owner now.

    this phone is the epitome of what HTC tries to do.

  13. @Chris that’s crazy. I work at the mall and I haven’t seen anyone break dance before.

  14. @Murani you don’t need to go out of the app to switch. Double tap the home button, choose the app you want, rock on. You only need to goto the home screen if you haven’t used the app you want yet. Windows mobile allows you to browse your installed apps at anytime because of the start button, but it’s really not that big of a deal if you think about it. If you’re going to switch an app anyway, what difference does a .5 second homescreen transition make (especially when the Start button in WinMo can take 2-3 seconds to pop up sometimes)?

    @strikeone that’s how I feel. HTC needs to get to this level.

    @Mike Vee I’m holding onto it for now. I always like to keep at least one phone around. I recommend getting an Android device if you’re not into the iPhone. WinMo is dead IMO, but thankfully WP7 will be here soon, but if you’re still rocking a Fuze that’s kicking your ass, and need a change, Android will do ya.

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