If you’ve been an iPhone user for some time, you would have remembered this nasty little security issue a few clicks back. Where a few key presses would completely disrespect one’s security on the iPhone. Well, guess what? The fruit company has allowed another such bypass to sneak out again.

Security bypass shown here

This amusing little bypass is done by entering emergency call mode, dialing ###, and then immediately tapping the sleep button at the top. This will then grant the would be unsophisticated hacker access to your call log, favorites, contacts list and even visual voicemail. NICE! Take a look at the video below for some more humor.


Say what you will, but the iPhone platform continues to be a joke. At this point, it is clear Apple couldn’t secure a black turtleneck in Steve Jobs’ closet. As of now, my sim card has been removed from my iPhone4 for good. You shall put my personal information at risk NO MORE fruit company!


via Wired.com


  1. Not a fruit fanboy, but first off you would have to be thoughtless enough to give up your phone to would be hacker for this to be a problem. And I am not so sure that, in the long term, the Cloud is a more secure place for your personal data.

    Have never used a protected screen lock and I have never lost/misplaced any electronic device, especially one with critical data. And before you get any ideas, swiping my phone is like walking off with Clint Eastwood’s horse. Do you feel lucky tonight?

    But, I guess if you are an airhead, who are generally attracted to iPhones, you might want to consider a different platform. Then again, you probably wouldn’t notice that your data had been compromised, so never mind.

  2. This is definitely a freaking problem. If this was on Android or Windows Phone, especially if it was two security flaws in a couple of weeks, they’d be the butt of more jokes than priests, rabbis, chickens, and Hitler combined. Apple has never had to worry about software security in a major way because they’ve hardly ever seen double digit market share in the full size pc market. As smartphones grow and become a more social ubiquitous device for consumers I see the virus makers attacking the mobile platform. Even with flash you don’t see these kind of problems for Android or even a bunch of losers like Palm with WebOS. Not everyone keeps such a death grip on their phones (or prototypes for that matter) and features like Microsoft’s “find my phone” will help insure privacy and make recovery that much easier. Do you think Giz would have continued with what they did if the iphone they found clearly said “yo douchebag, steve jobs wants his shit back. thanks from cupertino”. Yeah, I don’t think so either. :)

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