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Mobility Digest Review: Clingo Universal Vent Mount

Happy New Year! Yep I’m back with another universal style car mount review today, but this one is very different from the one I posted yesterday. The main difference is that I like it so much that I can easily recommend it to you. It’s from a company called Clingo and it was supplied by Mobile Fun for review. The mount doesn’t use any type of clip to hold your phone, sounds weird right?! It uses a special adhesive that’s reusable, your phone just sticks to it, and I mean it sticks to this thing to the point where you’ve got to almost fight to get it off. Anyway read on to learn more..

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: £15.27 / $23.81

Overall Rating: 5/5

Clingo Universal Vent Mount

Product Reference: 25791

Why Buy:
* Holder rotates 360°
* Unique self-adhesive technology
* Attaches to most car vents
* Easy to use press & peel system
* Retains secure grip with simple care

Holder rotates 360°
With the Clingo Universal Vent Mount, you can position your phone however you want with the rotatable adhesive pad. Perfect for using your phone hands-free or as a satellite navigation device, the Clingo pad moves freely but with enough friction to hold even the heaviest devices with ease.

Unique self-adhesive technology
Utilizing a patent-pending revolutionary adhesive material, Clingo products can securely hold a remarkable amount of weight without leaving behind any residue whatsoever. Tested vigorously with over 3300 wash and wear tests, in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 105°C, and after soaking for 9 days in a water tank, you can be sure that your Clingo will stick to your device time and time again. Clingo products also work with the HTC Desire, unlike some similar alternatives, and with any flat-backed case or skin.

Attaches to most car vents
With twin 35mm vent clips and a 360° rotatable head, the Clingo Universal Vent Mount fits almost any vehicle with ease. As the clips are moveable, and the head rotatable, whether your vents are round or square, horizontal or vertical, you’ll be able to fit the Clingo securely where it will stand the test of time.

Easy to use press & peel system
All Clingo products have the same easy use press and peel system whereby to secure your device, all you have to do is press it onto the self-adhesive pad, and to remove it you simple peel it off – although the pad can sometimes stick so well it requires a little more effort to remove!

Retains grip with simple care
If your Clingo Universal Vent Mount starts to lose its adhesive properties, simply remove the cradle, wash it under a warm tap, and once dry it’s as good as new. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth or wipe for a quicker alternative. Do not use solvents to clean the Clingo, as this will damage the pad. Also avoid using paper towels as they will stick to the Clingo and disintegrate.

Obligatory link: Xperia X10 car holder

What’s in the Box?

The first thing you’ll notice when you get this is that the packaging is very nicely done, very professional job. You know the whole thing about first impressions right? Well this makes a very good first impression surely.


Opening the box you’ll find a plastic box and brief user manual. Like the one I reviewed yesterday, this one too needs to be assembled, it’s in five parts basically that consist of the two clips, back piece, swivel mount and the main holder itself.

Here it is assembled in a few views. The green part is the adhesive pad, yes it’s more of a rubber pad, and it comes with a clear protective cover on it that I would advise you keep and not toss away.

One thing I really like about this mount is the small movable stand on the bottom below the vent clips, it sort of looks like a triangle. It moves up and down and that are two slots in the mount that it can be put into. This little stand allow you to angle the mount up at different angles, it just sits on one of your vents basically.

Impressions / Review:

Again I’m installing this in my 2009 Subaru Forester with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phone. Installation is easy just pop it onto your vent. The mount is on a swivel ball basically that allows you to turn it around 360 degrees and angles up and down. It holds very tightly to your vents.

Then here’s my phone on the Clingo mount:

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a road trip and tested the mount, what I did was use one on the way down and then the other on the way back. So they got a quick 60+ miles of use each on the same roads basically.

The clear cover protects the adhesive, remove the cover and stick your phone to it and it’s mounted. I have something similar on my desk, or at least it uses the same sticky technology and I like it a lot. For the Clingo I kept the clear cover and just tossed it to the side so that when I’m done using the mount I can put it back on to keep the adhesive clean. Dust will make it less adhesive, but you can easily clean it off and with a damp cloth and it’s good as new again.

The adhesive is very sticky, and I mean VERY sticky. It actually took a bit of force to get my phone off of it, so it holds the phone in place very well. I’m serious when I say it’s sticky, pulling on my phone to take it off was actually bending my vents, I had to hold the Clinog itself and then pull my phone off of it, I almost broke my vents!! My phone never once fell off of the Clingo mount no matter what angle I had it at.

With the Clingo mount you can have your phone up, down, sideways and at all sorts of angles and not worry about having your phone fall off of it.

The only issue is keeping the adhesive surface clean to keep it sticky, that’s why I said you should keep the clear cover, at least that’s what I’m doing.

The construction of the Clingo is very good, seriously it feels well made, I’m impressed.


Ok, I like the Clingo Universal Vent Mount and I think you will too. This thing will be in my car for some time to come.

It’s very easy to use, the adhesive is very sticky and it’s well made.

Just keep it clean and you’ll be fine.

+Fits any phone
+Well made
+Very sticky adhesive
+Has built in stand for angling phone and it swivels

-Must keep adhesive clean