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Is That A Plasma Ball In Your Pocket?

I used to really want to buy one of those plasma ball things but could never justify dropping real money on one. Well now there’s no need to since Bbonzz is out with his latest app – PocketPlazma. It acts just like the real thing…and some. With the Lite version (free) it’s just like you would expect. Lots of energy flying all over the place and when you put your finger on it you get tracking and all the beauty that is a plasma ball. But if you really want to put on a show just make a small donation to Bbonzz and you’ll get 7 gases (so the color of the plasma changes), a choice of six different reflections in the glass, choice of filimant that gets attracted to your finger (lightning or gas), sound toggle and a randomizer that toggles the various choices for you on the fly. On top of that your preferences are saved for the next time you use the app. I’ve played with the pro version and she’s purty:) As expected from Bbonzz it’s very realistic, smooth and filled with variables. So head on over to Bbonzz’ new website and check out the lite version at a minimum but remember, if you want more options or if you want to encourage him to keep developing a cup of coffee will do the trick.

Thanks again for another great app Bbonzz!