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Record Your World with the HipGeo App for iPhone

I don’t understand the need to record everything we do, but apparently a lot of you do it. Why exactly? I’m serious can someone tell me why people feel the need to record everything they do? That brings me to this new app called HipGeo that allows you to share you trips and stories with everyone virtually in an instant.

HipGeo (, a Los Angeles-based developer of a location-aware platform that includes battery-efficient smartphone apps and comprehensive website that record and display the places users go and how they get there, today announced the availability of the HipGeo app for the iPhone, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store at HipGeo lets users record their world with the app then share their trips and stories with its "HipGeo Player" that provides a dynamic recap of places, routes and photos in animated displays.


“The HipGeo Player animation you share with your friends is personal, unique and compelling.”

HipGeo’s simple features reduce the need to check-in, call or text for updates and let people share what they want with whom they want – by providing privacy based on user preferences. Information such as location, routes, places, comments, photos, and other forms of user-generated content are archived and can be private or shared through integration with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email. HipGeo turns location data and photos into locations, travels, and slide shows. The app recognizes the differences between places and routes, and then automatically aggregates related groups of photos into short video like animations. These stories can be shared through users’ social networks and embedded in web pages like personal blogs.


"We give people a way to capture and record their memories, and instantly create something interesting. Capturing and saving an interesting moment, day, or trip, then sharing it with the HipGeo Player is as easy as turning it on, going about your life, taking photos, and sharing a link to tell a story. It’s that simple," says company co-founder Rich Rygg. "The HipGeo Player animation you share with your friends is personal, unique and compelling."

HipGeo CEO Scott Daniel says, "HipGeo has the best passive tracking technology for the iPhone. I can throw it in my pocket and it creates a record of my day on a single battery charge. We think our technology will revolutionize the way people keep track of their lives and share their interesting stories with friends, family, or the entire web."


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