So this little pre-NoDo update is being distributed and it seems to be a mess across the world for those ‘lucky’ enough to have received the update. At a minimum, it affects Samsung devices and x64 computers.

There are some thoughts that it’s related to Zune software not properly updating on the PC or the possibility that the Samsung phones have an out of date driver installed on it.

imageBeing that this is a minor update that’s really just a setup for future updates, it’s probably one of the few times you don’t want to be the first to try it out. Microsoft is certainly aware of the issue but they don’t have an answer at this time. I’d ‘sit tight’ as they suggest on Twitter, but I’d do that without a bricked phone. It’s a pretty unnecessary fail since it’s Zune software on Windows PCsand the top selling phone on a non-essential update…aahh why bother with the rant.


  1. Same thing on my wifes Samsung Omnia. Updating on a Win7-64bit, newest Zune and it is hanging at “step 7 of 10”

  2. I had issues but I then rebooted my Windows 7 machine and the updated driver applied second time round.

    This is sensible for Microsoft, do a small update, test your ability to publish changes, ready for the big push later this year.

  3. I scraped the Twitter account for WindowsPhoneSupport. I collect 846 messages in the last six hours on Bricked Phones. Suggestion by phone support is to exchange the phone with the carrier.

    I don’t know what fraction of dead-in-water users are using twitter for tech support but I guestimate it is under 2%. This implies that there are hundreds to thousands of permanently bricked phones.

    Sweet (if you are an electronics recycler).

  4. @pan: very few people recieved this update so far from what I can tell. I have no idea what the percentage is but I don’t think anyone on our staff recieved it. They pulled it when the problems emerged and it was being delivered in batches.

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