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Sky Wallet Desktop is Live!

Sky Wallet Desktop Companion went live today, and better yet it’s free!  We gave you a sneak peek of the Windows Phone companion app last week and now it has been officially released. Existing Sky Wallet users can wait for update v2.2 to come across their phone, or pull it in like I did (search to Sky Wallet in Marketplace, tap “back” and then tap Sky Wallet again).

You need an existing SkyDrive account and a paid version of Sky Wallet to download Sky Wallet Desktop Companion. Open the app and open the slide up menu, tap “get desktop companion” and tap “Request Desktop Companion” to generate an email request for a download link and registration key. That’s it.

If you have not already checked out Sky Wallet in Marketplace, you can find it here. A price tag of $3.99 gives you the best electronic wallet available for Windows Phone, plus a Desktop Companion that you can install on as many computers as you require. SWDC will work on any XP, Vista or Windows 7 machine. The developer has also provided detailed instructions on his site for porting password data from other apps and file types, including; SPB Wallet, LastPass, Splash ID, Firefox CSV, DataVault and Sky Wallet CSV. He even provides a template for creating your CSV file.

So what are you waiting for. Get some Sky Wallet goodness. And don’t forget to drop Nicolo a big thank you! Wonder what’s next on his radar. Bet it will be worth the wait.

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