deleteword1While there is not a lot of tweaking you can do to your iOS device out of the box, there is a TON of tweaks you can do once you Jailbreak your device. Got questions on Jailbreaking? Check out our resources first: Here, Here and Here. Okay so say you have a Jailbroken iPhone and you are tired of deleting whole words and sentences one letter at a time. Sort of need a sentence or word nuke feature right? Well check this out, there is a Cydia app called Delete Word that does just that!

All you have to do is simply hold down the shift button and hit delete and it will quickly delete one word at a time instead of like I said earlier, painstaking deleting one letter at a time. This is an excellent little tweak which makes me wonder why on Earth couldn’t Apple think of that?

Big thanks to iSam for making this tweak and to all the developers out there making our mobile experience that much more enjoyable and productive! You guys rock! Head on over to Cydia and grab it for the low low cost of free.

iPodTouchHelping has made a cool video demonstrating the tweak as well that you can check out here:



  1. Not bad, but swiftkey (which is free today on Amazon app store) allows you to delete the word you just typed by swiping the keyboard from right to left – that way you don’t have to put your beer down.

  2. Why ? Lot of reasons… Because Apple is not the perfection everybody would like it to be. It’s people and medias who over-evaluate and over-love it…. Let reconsider Iphone (and Apple) with new eyes and let see as it is : a good company and products… with lot of missing things or features that others phones have (and vice-versa)…

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