It’s March Madness and what better way to be annoying during a buzzer beater than with an air horn. Well Hibby of PPCGeeks has created an application with a single purpose – press the air horn and get the sound of an air horn. Simple and effective:) Oh and it’s loud as hell so test it out on half volume before you turn it up…and don’t test it with a headset on (I tried it and can’t recommend that:))

Make sure you install this to your device (not the storage card). The download is located here. Thanks again to Hibby for providing simple mindless amusement for all of us:)


  1. PPC Geeks sign up does not allow one to DL the app.
    PPC Geeks needs to figure out the user privelages issues…I signed up but could do anything on the site…ie: post comment, DL the app. Seems a bit silly.
    Can someone just email me the app?

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