I don’t know who put this together but I like it.


  1. All that being said the mindless drones will still buy an IPhone. They will still tell you their phone is better. They will not buy a Windows phone because they are stubborn and like to follow the sheep.

    • True, but it does exist. So even though it’s not available to consumers, the fact that it exists means they lied. Although that’s not unusual for Apple.

  2. […] Mobility Digest has a post exploring the screen of the iPhone 5, described by Apple CEO Tim Cook as the “world’s most advanced display” at the launch event, and comparing it to the screen on the recently announced Lumia 920 (and the 900). The result? Cook is either ignorant of his competition, or he lied. If he is emulating Steve Jobs, then we’ll place money on the latter, but who knows? […]

  3. I’m not saying your conclusion is incorrect, but there are many other critical parameters in measuring display quality. For instance, color quality, battery life, size.

    For example, Apple focused on getting the iPhone 5 thin and chose an in-cell touch screen technology, rather than the most sensitive touch sensors. Another assumption above is that a big screen is better than a small one, which is obviously not true (nor is the inverse). A phone the size of an iPad or an iPod Shuffle would both suck. The optimal size is somewhere near where the iPhone 5/Nokia 920 sit and is a matter of opinion. The idea of the retina display is any improvement beyond that is meaningless because the eye can’t detect it, so that’s a tie.

    Engineering is about trade-offs and Apple chose differently than Nokia. If you just pick the areas where Nokia focused and ignore the ones that Apple did you’ll get a biased answer.

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