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One Year After Kinect’s Launch–Simply Awesome Stuff and Commercial Releases Months Off

imageKinect has only been available for a year now and to celebrate Microsoft has been…well bragging a bit about the success. Well it did get the Guinness record for the fastest selling consumer device and the number of Kinect titles is going to hit 70 by the holidays but the real effect is beyond the Xbox. It’s using it as party of physical therapy to make a game out of it, autism therapy and in an operating room where a doctor can look at images by using only their hands and voice. Check out this awesome video they put together:

They launched a new site too: where you can see some of these projects an it gives you a great idea where you will see Kinect over the coming year. And commercial Kinect apps will be permitted beginning early next year so Kinect will be in a lot more places (yes your computer and anywhere a computer can go) and then you can start to see a ton of releases. Like going to a clothing store and them virtually putting clothes on you in real time for example.

Great device and this is definitely going to be something we interact with in our daily lives within a year.