189674_159374474115972_100001302616012_309709_6884672_nI will hardly ever admit having a problem, and even if I do, it’s not really a problem. So when people ask why I walk around with four phones, I simply ask them, “Why the hell would you walk around with one? Don’t you see that as a problem?” And so the confession/diagnoses begin.

First off, where does this problem come from? To be honest, I have no idea (yes I do.) Fine, I MUST own the latest and greatest. If it plugs in and is shiny, it must be paid for! It’s the sort of compulsive behavior that has been around since my high school days, and I have yet to shake it…. Not sure I want to either!

I can take this back to the days of palm pilots and Sony Ericson t68i’s, but I will not. Instead I’ll keep it focused on the modern day mobile platforms. So let’s start out with my multiplatform life a year ago. Back then (because it was so long ago) I was slowly beginning to realize my beloved windows mobile wasn’t up to snuff any more, and the venture to something new was at hand. So I tried Apple for a bit.

So while owning the iPhone 4 and the iPad 64gig 3G (and you make fun of HP naming conventions?) I still had a T-mobile HD2, a Blackberry Curve and a Blackberry Bold 9000. Before I get into what was best and what sucked, let me attempt to explain the dynamic of such a makeup.

Ya see, I can never fully understand why I need multiple phones, but I can hope to find individual uses for them all. And so, I’ve conditioned myself into thinking some devices are just better at or serve for specific tasks.

So the HD 2 was my pride and joy! Huge captive screen, monster processor, 2.5 mm jack and windows mobile. Back in its day this thing was a champion indeed, it actually prolonged the death of WM6.5 for most. This was the work horse, it did everything! Browsing the web, email, music, flashing roms (oh how I love thee xda-developers,) and last but not lease… bragging rights.

My Bold 9000 was my work device. Nothing special about it, but it just never left my side. My curve was a personal device and was strictly for Blackberry Messenger, and like its bigger brother, that too just worked.

Then came the iPhone 4 and its padded cousin. Not only were my habits turned upside down, but my reputation as a Microsoft fan boy was in jeopardy! Things changed very quickly. The iPhone 4 was becoming the preferred phone for texting, as its keyboard was simply better. Browsing the web on the iPhone 4 was a tad bit better, but still better. I now had access to silly ass apps I didn’t need, use or care for, but I had access to them. To maintain integrity as a Microsoft fan boy (obviously this is very important!) I will list no more “changes.” But just take my word for it when I say things changed quickly.

Then the next generation of my multiplatform life was introduced. Windows Phone was released. Much to my delight, T-Mobile did me a huge favor and signed up for the HD7, so it was an easy acquisition for me with no contract drama. So now the makeup was the HD7, iPhone 4, Bold and Curve.

It wasn’t long before things changed again. The HD7 was now the preferred phone for texting, as the keyboard was better. Browsing the web on the HD7 was better by a bit, but better. I didn’t care about useless apps I only launched once because I had Facebook integration in my people’s hub. To exercise my integrity as a Microsoft fan boy (obviously this is very important!) I will have you know the iPhone 4 was now useless! So useless in fact, it was sold along with the iPad shortly after.

Now I was down to three from four; the HD7, the Curve and the Bold. But this was alright, the Windows Phone did everything I could ever ask it to do. The blackberries, well they continued to do what I asked them to with no problems. All was well in paradise, but not for long.

I started to realize I was going through withdrawals; withdrawals from something I never even knew existed. I’ll simply call it “the itch.” Ya see, coming from the windows mobile school of hard knocks, tweaking, flashing and cab’ing was all I knew, it was a way of life. I had to be able to break it at will, in order for it to feel like it was a tech device. When I embraced the iPhone, I thought much of that would be dead, but it wasn’t. In fact, the only way to enjoy an iPhone is to jailbreak it, so the tweaking and breaking lived on. After I sold the iPhone, I hadn’t realized I sold with it the last of my ability to tweak.

The Windows Phone just worked. There was no need to flash roms, install cabs, hunt for apps on cydia to delete calls from history, none of that. It was simply amazing; but amazing at a cost. The itch was strong, something had to be tweaked, and something had to be broken! Sadly (or triumphantly if you’re Microsoft) nothing needed to be done. The phone did its job and it did it well. And so, I lived on.

It wasn’t until a friend recently showed up with a HTC Inspire; I realized I had it bad. I did the Android dance before, I owned the G1 when it was first released and I even ran Android on my HD2. I was no stranger to the wild wild west that is Android. I really had no interest in it at all, but something clicked. A voice deep inside shouted out “TWEAKING! FLASHING! NOTHING WORKS AND YOU COULD SPEND ALL NIGHT UP TRYING TO FIX IT!” And like the weakling I am, I was at the AT&T store 30 minutes later looking for an Android device.

So I got the Atrix! After owning the HD2 and the HD7 I decided HTC had seen enough of my money for the same 3 year old design, so the Inspire was not an option. Not to mention the Atrix had the new dual core this, 4G that and blah blah blah, so Atrix it is!

It just so happened, the very same day I acquired my Atrix, I decided to upgrade my personal Blackberry as well. Enter the Blackberry Torch. I’m not sure there is anything worth mentioning about the torch as a device, so I won’t. Why did it get it? Simple, it’s a status symbol. People judge you, based on how up to date your Blackberry is. Please don’t ask why I care, I’m pretty much that shallow.

Meanwhile, back at the Android ranch. Now I’ve got this shiny new Android Phone to break until my heart’s content. OH NO! Disaster! This thing is made by Motorola. The guardian and keeper of bootloaders until the end. All that flashing and tweaking I was itching to be a part of just went right through the door. I then had to convince myself it was okay, Android is loved by many so I figured I’d give myself time to grow accustomed to it.

The key to not making yourself look crazy in the multiplatform world is making sure each device has a purpose. So my Windows Phone handled my most important tasks throughout the day; emails, twitter, Facebook and browsing. The Torch did what it was always supposed to do, but with a bit more style; BBM. My bold 9000 for work was still a trooper and never let me down. And then there was the Atrix.

Going all the way with Windows Phone meant I was missing a few platform standards elsewhere. Things like multitasking, VOIP, and even video chat. True multitasking meant I could run instant messaging apps, twitter apps and cross platform IM apps all at once in an always connected state. So IMO IM, Live Profile and tweetcaster were the three responsibilities I gave the Atrix. DISASTER! The battery life on the Atrix would last no more than 2 hours. Dealing with the after effects of this was the most frustrating time I’ve ever spent with a device.

I did what was common knowledge to Android users; downloaded an app killing application to deal with out of control services. After doing some more research it turns out that was a bad idea for a device with android 2.2 or later. So I was stuck with one reality to help the battery; I would have to stop using the apps that were constantly running. This is an interesting occurrence, if I am not using these apps, then what would be the purpose of the phone? And if I do use these apps, the phone can’t stay alive long enough to enjoy them. To make things worse, random apps would crash for no apparent reason. I’ve even had the gmail app crash, that’s just silly! So now the Atrix has been reduced to an expensive Google Maps client. All the while hoping and praying that even that will not crash when I really need it.

My hopes for the Atrix were high. I viewed the device as the next “evo” in its own right. You see, the Evo has been around for what seems to be forever, but it is very much still a relevant device. Mainly because of the MOD community, but I saw this future for the Atrix. It has the latest dual core architecture that will surely be a standard for the next few years, a front facing cam for the fun stuff and it not a bad looking device. All of this fell through and failed miserably. Owning and using the Atrix on a daily basis made me to understand something very important and rarely exercised in technology. Hardware is the later of the equation.

What do I mean by this? Software optimization is key! Fancy hardware specs and all, the Atrix still couldn’t complete tasks any faster than my HD7. In fact, in most if not all cases, the Atrix was always slow in comparison. Simple things like scrolling through email, looking up a contact, browsing the web or even trying to take a pic really quick was all done supremely better on my HD7. Within days of owning the Atrix I already felt like it was time for a faster Android phone. After months of owning my HD7, I am not sure there is a need for a new one this coming fall. That’s a huge realization.

How am I to handle this? Well, for starters I’ll continue to rely on my Windows Phone as the work horse and prize winner. Instant Messaging, VOIP and other goodies will arrive in a few months with mango. I can live with that. The torch continues to serve its purpose; BBM is alive and well when I need it. My bold 9000 is still a trooper and I believe it will continue to be so. What of the Atrix? I really don’t know. It’s clear now more than ever, Android is NOT a solution or competitor to neither Windows Phone nor iOS. Android is far too sloppy to even dream of such. So do I replace my Atrix with an iPhone? Hardly! After using Windows Phone, iOS will never do. So I suppose I’ll just hold onto the Atrix until I get another urge someday soon.


  1. &quotNOTHING WORKS AND YOU COULD SPEND ALL NIGHT UP TRYING TO FIX IT!&quot Too Funny! My wife still doesn’t understand why I think that’s a good thing.

  2. As a multi-platform device owner I see what you are talking about. It is very difficult to be a multi-platform device owner stuck with one carrier and one phone number. Because of time constraints I could not keep pulling my SIM and swapping devices. I agree with all the Android points you made but for me and the iPhone 4, it was just getting boring. I actually like the app world but it was the iPAd 2 that totally put the iPhone 4 to shame. Without apps, that I now use strictly on the iPad, the iPhone 4 is reduced to a very BORING device. It works fine like you said, but it is a glorified app launcher at the end of the day. So that brings me to WP. Because I am locked to AT&T my frustration with them is always ready to boil over. I was not a fan of the WP phones they had at launch and wanted the HD7 that was on T-Mobile. Problem is T-Mobile is not available down here. Now AT&T is releasing the HTC HD7s in a few weeks and I am ready. Problem. Microsoft totally left us hanging on any hardware releasing coming with Mango. Potentially I could be buying the HD7s and turning right around and selling the damn thing at a loss because MS and AT&T are going to release some bad ass 4.3 inch screened device running Mango. Dual Core? Who knows. That has been my frustration with MS from the start and why it has been hard for me to cross the fan boy line for them. So I am a fan boy for none. It will be interesting for Apple if they can revolutionize their OS to compete with WP. Apple made apps huge, Windows Phone I think has made interacting with the OS huge. MS is trying to duplicate the Apple App Store, so now will Apple also try to duplicate the interaction between the phone’s OS and the Owner and thus eliminate some apps? End of this year is shaping up nicely!

  3. ramon, did you forget how to use the search button on xda homie? custom roms are available for atrix, moto is not god…xda is

  4. You could do what a LOT of Atrix users did right after launch. Take the Atrix back and trade it in for the Inspire. Even though you stated that it was not an option, it is a very good device and is not nearly as locked down as the Atrix. I bought mine off contract at launch and love it. Although I do have to admit that HTC dropped the ball by only putting a 1230 mAh battery in the damned thing. I bought a spare battery and a charging dock with the spare battery slot in it. Problem solved. LOL

  5. with the larger screen and smaller battery theres no way an inspire would last him longer with all those apps running. your talking about an htc device… the king of phones that need extended batteries.

  6. My transition to WP was an easy one… and by transition I REALLY mean it. I rocked WM 6 on my “kaiser” till the bitter end. Never moved to 6.5, never flashed the ROM, hell never even “upated” to 6.1. I loaded CAB after CAB, i STAYED on xda daily and nightly, but I still only did minor shit. Never went too deep. Mainly because after a couple hard resets caused by installing simple shit I was done. I loved it, I loved the “openness” of it, I loved that it did what i wanted and more, but fuck hard resets dude! There was no way i was flashng ROM’s and all that.
    After coming to the relaization that my beloved device was in fact a dinosaur I started looking toward Android. Used a few different android devics, liked it for the most pasrt, loved all the unnecessary specs, yeah I was convinced I’d have one by now. Then I saw a few shots and demos of WP. Didn’t take long for me to realize where my next handful of mobile device dollars were going. And looking at Android now… yeah it’s cool and all, but to me it’s literally WM 7+.
    I’ve had all the fun I can have, or was willing to have with that world.

  7. Oh man! So true! Preach it brother! It’s almost as if I’ve written this myself! Being a multi-platform whore I have settled with my HD7 without using chevron. I used to hack everything to the max, including WM! Now with wp7 I don’t even mind that I can’t use custom ringtones. It’s like I finally kicked the habit and I’m ready to leave my support group. Haha!

    Soon people will realize that iOS is an app launcher, Android is a buggy Linux distro, and windows phone is a phone is a phone is a phone.

  8. To me Microsoft and Apple make the same platform. Stupid boring UI. Oh wow I can have live tiles. Everybody always says its about the app but what apps do you really use on a daily basis. What Facebook, Twitter, etc. I rock Android for all the thing that it can do without all the stupid cookie cutter apps. I love what Microsoft has done with the Zune integration on the phone. If you are a music person than the wp7 is the only choice in my opinion. The crashing of apps that everybody likes to talk about on Android happens on wp7 and Apple as well but to say that only Android just has this problem is ludacris. I don’t know how many people that bought wp7 came back into the store with issues with apps not launching.

    The debate will always continue of what mobile OS is better. To each his own I say.

    For me being able to mount my phone as a USB storage device and do WiFi tendering is.why I stick with Android for right now. It gives me more options and I’m not talking about apps.

  9. @Jo like you. I used to patrol XDA forum for the latest ROM to cook WM for my TP2. It was like I gotta have the latest or nothing. Once I sold my TP2, and upgrade to HD7. I am content and hasn’t been back to XDA since. Perhaps if one day when someone could crack the OS and upload the latest ROM for us cooks, but for now I’m very happy with out of the box WP7. Cant wait for Mango. Will be rocking even more!

  10. “..made me to understand something very important and rarely exercised in technology. Hardware is the later of the equation.”

    This is the most profound thing I’ve heard all year.

  11. @sm0k3ydaband1t:

    I never said it would last him longer. I only stated that it was a great device. I do not know of any phone that would last him with all the stuff he wants to run. He actually needs to rotate between all of those devices to make it through the day.

  12. @sm0k3ydaband1t: LMAO! oh now you didnt!!!! those aren’t roms, they’re just skins on top of shipped rom….skins with added tweak. still the same garbage.

  13. hey man, it satisfied my “itch”…

    i cant get too involved in xda or ill get sucked right back into nightly tweaks and i dont have the time or mental capacity for that right now :)

  14. @Doug Smith: I’m joining the multiplatform revolution come this fall with the launch of the newest iphone. I’ll be purchasing both a new Windows Phone and iPhone. To me Android is out of the question because I have no need for tethering since i’m almost always in wi-fi range between school and being at home. I’m transitioning to work more from home. The experience on the Android just isn’t fun. Yes i’ve tried using the EVO and also the Epic 4G.

    There is something so engaging about the integraiton that Microsoft brings.

  15. Ramon, I’m doing the same thing to a point.

    I determined a long time ago that I was NOT going to have more than one phone when I can always have more than one phone number and more than one OS on a phone. Since I’ve gone to WP7 via the Dell Venue Pro, I’ve lost the ability to go multi-OS from one phone (as I did with my Touch Pro, I landed in a nice conundrum. Skype, Jajah (read: yahoo) and Google Voice provided me with more than one number, but I needed to satisfy that “itch” that you spoke of. When Simmons announced that he was going to give WP7 a try, I figured I would do the same with Android full blast – with a twist. I rooted a Nook Color and have been running Gingerbread on it. As I’m still writing about this, I wont give away too much but I’ve landed at the conclusion that I have no effin clue how people can use locked down Android or any tablet that doesn’t have flash. Seriously, it puzzles me.

    Quick thing, call a spade, a spade. You live in NYC and you have a Torch. You have BBM strictly for the bitches. Don’t be afraid to admit it.


  16. i have the droid x,hd7,curve… i used the curve for unlimited calling,bbm..
    the droid x i use for social networking because it has the notifications….
    the hd7 for email,txt,web.pics.twitter….with the upcoming mango update i just hope all the missing components will be included and not block by carriers…..
    500 new features for mango.. i just hope notifications is 1 of 500..
    ey ramon next time you itch.. tell your doc to prescribed you some BENADRYL…

  17. @ed: What notifications are you referring to? It has already been announced that it’ll be easier for devs to do push notifications as background services and to live tiles. Hopes that helps.

  18. Notifications like on our Txt and email, I know all about the tiles, all I’m saying is we still have to be notified…… I’m not the kind of person that will wait and watch my tiles…

  19. @muranilewis,.
    Different tones for txt,mms,email,IM,fbook,twit and so on…..
    If we have this options, we will know what,where is that message coming from..

  20. @Aaron
    ” Stupid boring UI. Oh wow I can have live tiles.”
    Why? Is your widget any better?

    “What Facebook, Twitter, etc. I rock Android for all the thing that it can do without all the stupid cookie cutter apps.”
    Yup, it is built-in to Windows Phone 7

    ” The crashing of apps that everybody likes to talk about on Android happens on wp7 and Apple as well but to say that only Android just has this problem is ludacris.”
    Are you sure? I haven seen it on WP7 in SEVEN months.

    ” I don’t know how many people that bought wp7 came back into the store with issues with apps not launching.”
    That wasn’t an issue with the phone. That’s when somebody goof and select the wrong language on the UNOFFICIAL Chevron updater

  21. @aaron. You never own a wp7, how can you say its stupid???
    Golden rule, dont talk shit about something you dont know….
    Stop reading phonedog.com

  22. Ed I own a Samsung Focus. Don’t get me wrong I like Windows Phone 7. I agree with your post about being able to customize each notification tone. Android reminds me of Windows Mobile in that regard. I wish windows phone 7 had this or being able to have songs as ringtones.

    golden rule #2

    think before you speak.

    @Briana. Trust me these people were not changing anything with Chevron on there phones. The updates greatly improved this for occurring frequently. I would even say windows phone is more stable than android and iOS in all.

  23. @aaron ahhhh the Samsung focus!!!! It all make sense to me now. I agree with rule #2.

  24. @ramon: Lmao, I wasn’t calling you a bitch, I was saying that’s the easiest way to communicate with the birds/broads. Especially in NYC. Torch + BBM = Decent looking chick with a curve or a storm passing you their pin at a lounge.

  25. Well if you want excellent phone Android is way bteetr then apple if you want excellent apps i would prefer android because in peacefulness to get excellent apps for the iphone you would have to jail break it and risk having it crash excellent apps for the iphone would be Dtunes or winterboard or a gameboy emulator but there is a risk of breaking the ipod or iphone like mine did with android market i can get all that WITHOUT jailbreak or hacking my phone all persons apps plus the screen is WAY larger and less chance tobreak

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