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Ramon Trotman: The First American With A Windows Phone

You should know that those ‘the most interesting man in the world commercials’ are actually based on Ramon Trotman. And what’s he done today? He’s become the proud owner of a US T-Mobile branded HTC HD7 right here in NYC. We’ll leave the details of its acquisition to become the subject of folklore.

His initial reports? He’s done with the iPhone and is rumored to be heading to Vegas this weekend for a wedding hosted by Elvis. Really though, he’s loving the thing and it was hard enough to get him to stop playing with it for the thirty seconds it took to send a photo of it.

He’s obviously going to have a long night with the HD7…lots of one on one time and some cuddling. Hopefully he’ll be able to get us some more thoughts and pics of it to share with the world shortly. For now, he’ll just sit tight with his Guinness World Record.

We’re proud that one of our very own pulled this off…and of course very happy that we won’t be getting emails that have a subject line of “F*k Apple” with a signature of “Sent from my iPhone”. It’s been a long time coming.