There have been questions about why the Lumia 900 does not appear to charge the phone to a full 100%, as some user’s have taken the phone off of charge to find it at 98 or 99%. Well that’s just some smart charging technology doing what it should do. Looking at the attached screen capture you will see that slow rise on the left. That’s when I put my phone on charge at 2:59AM. It was at 48%. It reached 100% at 4:40AM. Then it went down to 99% at 5:00AM. And back to 100% at 5:20AM. 99% at 5:40AM and 100% at 5:50AM. It took a nosedive at 6:30AM to 97%, and then back to 100% at 6:50AM. This cycling continued till I took the phone off of charge at 8:50AM, where it was at 98%. So don’t worry about charging your phone overnight. Nokia took care of that for you.


  1. To be honest, I don’t think it’s just Nokia that is doing this. Ever singer I installed the Tango (8773) update on my phone, I never seem to find my phone on 100%. Instead, it is always between 97-98%, even if I charge it overnight.

    Please note that this has never happened before. So I’m beginning to think that Microsoft did more under the hood tweaks in their updates than we know of.

  2. Where can I get this battery history app? I tried searching the Marketplace but was unsuccessfull.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. Sorry. Should have mentioned that Battery Meter is a homebrew app. Available only to Developer unlocked devices. The app uses an API not allowed by Microsoft (currently) to grab the info it does, so it is not permitted in Marketplace. Wish it was though.

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