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In The Biggest Mall, The Giants Face Off

In the United State’s largest mall, The Mall of America, Microsoft is moving in and it’s not just in some hidden corner. Their new store is going to open directly across the hall from the Apple store and it appears to be about 4 times larger. Jut take a look at it and you can see how the new MS store will stare down the Apple store. And check the video at the end where the person filming sounds winded just trying to walk the distance…yeah, pretty big.

Yeah, MS wasn’t the first to the retail market, but now that they got the message, they appear to be revving up in a big way. Apple has momentum on its side, but MS is about to hit pretty hard this holiday season with the likes of Windows Phone 7 and Kinect and judging from Windows Live Essentials, MS appears to be making sure they regain the consumer markets. So, what do you guys think of this? When is the Goog store going to open and just give everything away for free if you agree to hand over your passport at the door