Own the lightest phone ever. Available in Oak, Mahogany and iFruitwood. And just in time for Mother’s Day, don’t miss out on our new  color, Cherry. Sleek styling and everything you would expect from a Wooden Phone. Assembled with the finest rust-free hardware. This is the Wooden Phone you have been waiting for.


Or if you prefer, opt in to our “Wooden Phone of the Month Club. Each month you will receive a Pine phone, in a striking new color. Each phone will be etched with “Best Specs Inside”  so everyone will know you have the cutting edge. NOTE:  Pine phones will occasionally have some knots and drain some sap. Not a big deal.




Available exclusively through Flinstones Mobile. Pick up you mammoth tusk and call today or stop in at our convenient downtown location in the heart of Bedrock.



Yeah, I got it real bad. About 45 hours (or less) to go.


  1. With the Nokia 900 launch looming. Not really.

    I made a wood prototype of the 900 last night to see if it would work with the dozen+ I currently have. No go. Guess I will be spending some (or most) of that $100 saving on accessories.

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