Dual booting Android and WIndows Phone seems like a grand idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds on one device, right? Except there is a major issue in trying to get consumers to pick up the device and walk out the store with it. How do you brand and drive awareness to a device that isn’t prioritizing your ecosystem? The dual booting Android/Windows 8 tablet ASUS is producing will suffer greatly because its offering a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

How does Microsoft justify to shareholders that they are spending marketing dollars promoting products that in fact encourages users to continue using a competitor’s services? It would take an enormous amount of marketing spend to drive awareness and get the general consumer to be interested in such a product. If they want to drive adoption and give Windows Phone OS free to OEMs fine. That is a great idea seeing as market penetration is the goal and getting consumers locked into the ecosystem is the long term desire. Just don’t think dual booting is a smart idea, it isn’t. It is a weak cop out and wreaks of non-confidence in your product to showcase clear value differentiation.

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  1. Poor HTC, just can’t catch a break, not even by making better phones than Samsung. As for the notion of a dual-booting phone, were this ever made no one would buy it and I suspect that this is merely a convoluted rumor of someone thinking out loud while going out on a limb or a prelude in a bigger-picture attempt of HTC to make some sort of an alliance with Microsoft.

    Speaking of Samsung, also Blackberry, by the same reasoning would you call Android app support cop-outs? Necessary evil?

    • To make matters worse in pretty sure they’re wasting a nice piece of cash on the Robert Downey Jr. Campaign.

      The Samsung hype is real. Almost weekly I see iPhone and Galaxy users arguing about which is better. I have to step in and at least remind them about the HTC One.

  2. I think a dual-booting phone is Incredibly Cool, but appeals only to, well, us. John and Jane Q Public would be totally confused, and only use the Android side anyway. QQ

  3. Dual booting is lame idea, even if they put survey to opt into Android or WP while they are activating the system, or restoring it back to factory. The dual booting confuses the masses. And will not help HTC, Microsoft and to some extent Google also. Because this confuses the user and they think “why the heck, let me go with iPhone. “

  4. I don’t need dual booting so much as I NEED Internet Explorer.
    Could I atleast get an IE app?
    When Android and Chrome fail, IE could fill in the gaps, or just become my default browser again.
    I have Chrome in My WP8 laptop, barely use it, mostly just to try it. (The laptop too, I prefer my TabPhone.)
    I want Android Home screen functionality, toggles, Widgets, and yes, Live Wallpaper.
    Come on Microsoft, I had all that with WinMo! Get your head out of your Ass! Stop focusing on apps I am not using, and just give me the device functionality I had with WinMo, only better, and I won’t need to consider dual boot.

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