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Major Reason A Dual Booting HTC Is Bad For Windows Phone

Dual booting Android and WIndows Phone seems like a grand idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds on one device, right? Except there is a major issue in trying to get consumers to pick up the device and walk out the store with it. How do you brand and drive awareness to a device that isn’t prioritizing your ecosystem? The dual booting Android/Windows 8 tablet ASUS is producing will suffer greatly because its offering a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

How does Microsoft justify to shareholders that they are spending marketing dollars promoting products that in fact encourages users to continue using a competitor’s services? It would take an enormous amount of marketing spend to drive awareness and get the general consumer to be interested in such a product. If they want to drive adoption and give Windows Phone OS free to OEMs fine. That is a great idea seeing as market penetration is the goal and getting consumers locked into the ecosystem is the long term desire. Just don’t think dual booting is a smart idea, it isn’t. It is a weak cop out and wreaks of non-confidence in your product to showcase clear value differentiation.

Source: WPCentral