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Nokia Windows Phone User Interface Redesign Concept Images Surface

One of Nokia’s former R&D senior graphic designers released these concept images of a potential redesign of the Windows Phone user interface. While the designs are purportedly personal mockups done by said designer that never got any sort of endorsement from Nokia, they certainly catch the eye and bring a very unique look to the mobile experience.

Nokia has admitted in the past to having the right to adjust the UI, but they don’t seem interested in taking advantage of this unique agreement they have with Microsoft.

While I’m admittedly a strong proponent of the Metro-style interface, and I understand Nokia’s trepidation with fragmenting the consistent UI Microsoft has been spreading across their various platforms, I wouldn’t mind having the option to skin this type of UI onto my phone. It has a fun, vibrant and eye-catching design with a multitude of interesting customization choices.

The design isn’t perfect and, yes, it does go against practically everything Metro with it’s cluttered and non-uniform design, but it offers something different to those of you who want it. Then again, Windows Phone probably isn’t the right platform for you if you would like a permanent shift over to this UI-style. However, I’d at least be willing to give this UI a chance before completely condemning it.

So, what do you think of the concept images of this rather unique UI?

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