imageWhen Angry Birds was released for Windows phones it actually had a number of levels listed as ‘coming soon’. Well the day has come. An update is now live on Marketplace and once installed you’ll see all of the levels are now active. I can stop trying to get 3 stars and go back to new levels – epic. I count 63 new boards (three of which have a Facebook icon on them). On top of that the home screen is redesigned. You can view the achievements and leaderboard (I’m not sure if it’s local or not but it’s only showing me currently so it’s feeling local). It does feel like the startup time has slowed down…could also be I’m anxious to play. Anyway, squawk on!


  1. Can’t get mine to update, sounds like you were able to?
    “Can’t get this info right now. Check back in a little while.”

  2. Last night I updated all 70 unupdated apps so it was easy to see the five new ones overnight and Angry Birds was there waiting for me.

    Tell me if leader boards are global. I’m number 1 for now;)

  3. Is there anyway to force the update? Mine isn’t showing that there is an update available.

  4. Remember how you and your people used to use the popularity of Angry Birds on Android to rip on Android as being flacid with respect to such entertainment because of no developer interest due to fragmentation driving the good ones away? And now this is your headlining news?

    Yeah well congrats on all your Angry Birds updates and other shovelware. I just got a pretty impressive Gmail update but I won’t bore you with the new features. Godspeed with those levels.

  5. I hope that Microsoft could expand their app market so many people would consider buying their devices. It is good to know that Angry Birds got a 90 new level update. At least they can also enjoy the same game that Apple and Android owners have been enjoying. Let’s just hope that Microsoft can keep up the good work.

  6. This update is full of bugs!! can’t get in the new levels, unistalled the game, and reinstalled and lost all my levels and scores!!

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