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LG hAPPiness Continues With 10 Sweet Free Apps

Man, I wish I were an LG Windows Phone user now because they just got a new dose of ten free apps. Well I’m not overly jealous as I’ve already bought most of these apps but that gives you some indication as to the quality apps they’ve headlined here. The list in a second but these apps are in marketplace already so that gives me hope that some of the initial launch titles may eventually make their way to the general Marketplace (like that Dragon Dictate app) but that remains to be seen.

Anyway, here’s the current offerings:

1. Cocktail Flow – sick sick sick cocktail/drinks app

2. Doodle God – the game where you create everything with a solid 4.5 stars and popular across OSes

3. Color Sprouts – the kids drawing app that’s popular

4. envision for Basecamp – a business app that I’ve never heard of but I guess if you know of it you’d care

5. Krashlander – don’t make me explain this to you again but if you don’t own it download this game

6. Colorize – a photo colorizer – turns portions color and leaves the other portions black and white

7 Weave – a powrful and popular RSS reader

8. Talking Ragdoll – you get to create a ragdoll with a face of your choice then egg them, toss them around,e tc. My son is loving it lately by the way

9. Mobile Sommelier – a wine and food pairing app. Yup, that’s above me

10. Mr. hat and the Magic Cube – the childrens game I just heavily praised the other day and my son plays every day

So these are only free if you’re rocking an LG device. They total $29.20. Pretty sweet and of course, congrats to Jeff Weber (Krashlander) and Andy Beaulieu (Talking Rag Doll)– you guys have some great apps out there and it’s nice to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve.

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