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Is the Samsung i8700 Destined to be a Bottom Feeder?

Remember that squarish looking Samsung device leak awhile back?  Well it’s back, and this time with a nice clear shot of the system info screen, thanks to Gizmodo.  Nothing much to take away here, other than it having 8GB of onboard storage.  We also get to take a look at the backside.  Some might say it looks plain, but I like it.  Not as much as the Cetus mind you, but I still like it all the same.  On the rear we see that the camera is paired with a single LED flash unit.  The battery door is, thankfully, not the tear off kind.  There is a sliding latch at the bottom to release to cover.  I like the metallic touch of the Windows logo on the rear as well.  It’s enough to be noticed, but not intrusive, quite elegant to me.  Not to hate on Apple, but all those words and symbols on the back of iPhones and whatnot ruin the whole “clean” look for me.

If what we saw yesterday on the E900 holds true,  the i8700 might be targeted at the mid or even low end sectors of the WP7 audience.  Why?  Well, the E900 supposedly holds 16GB while the i8700 only handles 8GB.  Samsung is unlikely to offer different storage capacities for the same device, ergo, the E900 will be positioned higher up than the i8700.  This is unfortunate as I find the i8700 to be far more aesthetically pleasing than the E900.  We have also seem glimpses of a third Samsung device for Windows Phone, the Cetus.  Since specs are generally unknown for all these devices, the Cetus could fall anywhere on positioning scale, but I doubt Samsung will launch multiple devices targeted at the same segment, as that they would cannibalize each other’s sales.  If I had to guess though, I would think the Cetus will fall anywhere but the bottom of the stack.  It just looks too nice, with it’s clean, sleek lines to be a bottom feeder.  But then again, I might just be bias since I love it’s look. 

What do you guys think?  Which is the best looking device from Samsung?  Do you think the Cetus will aimed at the high, mid, or low end?  Let us know in the comments!