FhotoroomThe developers for the popular Windows Phone photo app Fhotoroom have taken to Twitter to let their followers know that an update to the app is on the way. Check out some of the Twitter posts below.




There are no shortage of committed and talented developers on the Windows Phone platform and I want to see the developers of Fhotoroom get as much exposure and credit as they should. Their commitment to the platform has never been questioned and the app is outstanding. I’m looking forward to the update. Are you?


  1. SIR!!! i know you are link baiting me!!! Fhotoroom is only relevant if spelled right and/or instagram becomes available. Other than that, i do not do knock offs!

    • I’d hardly call Fhotoroom a “knock off”. They are doing big things and advancing phone photography beyond a few filters and square cropping.

      I can’t wait for this update. This app is already my go-to editor and I loved using the camera replacement in WP7 and I’m sure WP8 will be amazing. I’d say give ’em a try before labeling them a knock-off…at WORST, they are an upgrade, but I’d put them in a whole other category.

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