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Ballmer Keynotes WPC2011

  • Ballmer just said 20 Million PCs sold by the “other guys” is too much.  Windows on 350 million new PCs this past year but he’s not happy that 20 million PCs were sold with a fruit flavor.
  • Bing is an example of a next generation user interface where you tell the device what you want to do and it searches for ways to do it.
  • Windows Phone they have gone from small to very small (laughter ensued) but they are expecting big growth over the next year.
  • The above picture shows Microsoft’s reduced portfolio of products and services that are getting the major focus of the entire company.  It makes sense given how recent product cycles for Microsoft has been progressing a lot faster than what Microsoft has conditioned us to expect.
  • Bing!  Microsoft intends on using Bing as a platform driver going forward.  Taking square aim at Google.
  • The Facebook partnership is highlighted and shows how the partnership with Bing helps make searches more relevant.
  • Microsoft is working with partners to integrate directly with Bing to make Bing not just a search but a true decision engine.  Cool demo with Open Table highlighted.
  • Another demo performing search and using a partner service to dive into a Los Angeles Dodgers game and get tickets.
  • Stay tuned for any additional (cough, Windows 8 leak, cough) breaking news to come.