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AT&T Surround Users – Go Get Your Updates!!!


It is a good day for AT&T Surround users. Reader IDrankBlueKookAid tipped me off so I plugged into Zune and there was the February update. Got the notification on my phone at the same time. February update took about 7 minutes. Without unplugging I went to check for another update and noticed the message was already on my phone screen. The March/NoDo update took a total of 57 minutes to complete, including 24 minutes for Step 6, the backup process. FYI, I have about 6.5GB of data on my phone, including about 150 apps/games, 601 songs, 680 photos and a bunch of videos.

Have not even taken a cruise around the phone but the OS, Firmware, Radio and Bootloader have all been updated:

OS – Original: 7.0.7004.0 / New:7.0.7390.0

Firmware Rev No. – Original: 2250.09.10307.502 / New: 2250.21.15204.502

Hardware Rev No. – 0003 – No Change

Radio Software Ver. – / New:

Radio Hardware Ver. – A.26.0.D4 – No Change

Bootloader Ver. – 1.3.2250.7(111288) / New: 1.52.2250.4(120323)

Chip SOC Ver. – – No Change

So plug your phone in and go get those updates. I can’t wait to buy something so I can cut & paste one of those long tracking numbers. Hopefully the extensive testing was worth it. Enjoy.