imageWe don’t need antivirus software so McAfee is doing some authentication on our phones:

Pledge is a software token that makes your device an easy to use and cost-effective authentication token. With Pledge you can generate one-time password without Internet connection enabling you to authenticate to protected corporate remote access services, virtual desktop environments, bring your own device services, web applications, and cloud services. Pledge supports multiple tokens (Pledge profiles), customer branding, protection with PIN codes, easy-to-use copy and paste function for the OTP, self-enrollment of tokens (Pledge profile) and many more functions. To start using Pledge, contact your service provider or system administrator to get instructions how to enroll your device. Pledge is a part of McAfee One Time Password.

You can check it out here for free.


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  2. I don’t know David Kittyflipping (you make me think about the letter K a lot, can’t help it), are you actually writing a security article promoting the acceptance of either using one of these free website password generators or downloading a closed-source app that probably, but not necessarily, generates you a random password without remembering certain things about your identity and reporting back to base what password it generated you and what things you log into? Sounds like an obvious vector for a macro attack, loosen people up, get them in the mood to do something involving passwords that some of them will go on to use without even changing a letter.

    Maybe you find McAfee trustworthy enough not to do this but you tell me how many companies have come forward admitting they’ve been hacked somehow, … for example Microsoft, known in part for being the maker of Windows Phone and managing its app store.

    Think on that.

    Meanwhile people, time to substitute passwords with passphrases. Protect your neck.

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