With the latest ‘update’ being released to Windows Phone users today, it seems that the update has yet to hit the American carriers (at least in full). We can confirm that several T-Mobile and AT&T users have yet to receive notification for the new update (7392), so we decided to do some investigating on our end for possible ways to attain it. Keep in mind that this update adds no new features, aside from fixes to fraudulent security certificates. Chris Walsh seems to think otherwise, but the jury’s still out.

However, if you’re anal about being up-to-date, and absolutely must have the updates to the security certificates (and have an unlocked phone), you just need to tweak the MobileOperator registry key (just like with NoDo). Navigate over to HKLMSystemPlatformDeviceTargetingInfoMobileOperator in the mobilie registry, clear the key (remember what’s in there!), and check for an update in Zune. After installing, go back into your registry and put the original info back in the key. As a general disclaimer, we’re not responsible if this breaks your phone, etc, but if you absolutely need the update, odds are that you don’t care.


For those that use the method, let us know about your success (or failure). Otherwise, if you’re in the US and received the update natively, let us know as well below in the comments.


  1. I debranded my Surround and did the “pull the internet” trick to get NoDo but I could have sworn I rebranded my phone after that was done. However, yesterday, I got word that the Surrounds were finally getting their updates and I checked in Zune and I was prompted that my phone was able to get 7392 update (It also stated that I should be getting all the updates up to then as well). I then went ahead and did the update with no issues. I also thought I was getting the HTC/ATT updates as well but after checking my firmware versions, they were still the same as before. So I decided to hard reset my device and I right after that, I checked for updates and I got prompted for the HTC/ATT Updates.

    I can’t really explain what happened but I would have to say, but I don’t think I am going to hacking my phone for updates again. Seems like it’s too much trouble and I should just be patient.

  2. I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T and haven’t seen the update yet. I debranded, plugged in and got the update. I’ve never Walshed my phone, just debranded via the registry. So far no issues…. my wife who has the same phone has not unbranded, and has not yet received the update.

  3. If your device is Hardware Revision 1.4 (vs. 1.3) that could explain why you and your wife have not received the updates. I believe you can find the Rev number in a label under the battery. Rev 1.4 used a different nand memory chip and Microsoft is working on an update package that will work, without issue on those devices.

    I don’t think anyone with a branded AT&T device has gotten 7392 yet. And if you are Rev 1.4, even though you are currently unbranded, the updates may all be on hold. Just a guess.

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