I got some great suggestions after the initial release last week. I’ve tried to implement as many of them as possible. I made a bunch of changes that I hope will make the app more usable and pleasant on the eyes. I hope you guys continue to enjoy and use the app. I also corrected the misplaced banner ad at the top of the screen. Please continue to give me feedback. I love reading your comments and will do my best to tailor the app to your suggestions as best I can.


  • progress bar added (most requested feature)
  • added app bar to the ‘about’ page for rating/sharing the app as well as sending me feedback such as comments, suggestions, and/or bugs
  • category buttons have been changed to radio buttons (to solve problem with users not being sure when selections were made)
  • splashscreen art was updated
  • new background image added to give the app a nicer look and feel
  • enabled scrolling in the changelog
  • enabled ads to display properly

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  1. Danny, I just sent you some feedback and I forgot to add one thing. Can you add the date and author’s name to the article posted?

  2. Danny, this is really coming along quite nicely. While it’s a testament to the ease of the platform and tools, you deserve a LOT of credit for what you’ve done. I’ve seen a lot of jacked up sh!t on a lot of platforms from so-called “experienced” developers. Some people have it, other’s don’t. You, my friend, are showing you have it.

    Oh, I see there was a question in that post that I missed. My bad. You’ve figured out what I was saying anyways.

  3. @The Fight: Thanks for the feedback, I originally thought about adding the date, but was worried it would make everything look too cramped. I will put it in the next update.
    @yss: Thanks! This really encourages me to keep plugging away. This comment totally made my day! The next update is proving harder than expected, so don’t expect it to come as quickly as the last one but I will keep working on this

  4. I’m sorry, I am new to this. How do I update an app? Do I go back to Zune and “re buy” or what?

    Thanks a heap!

  5. @Murray: If you search for the app in the Marketplace(via the phone), click on the app. If you don’t see an update option hit the “back” button, wait a few seconds, then select the app again and you should be given an option to update. If no update is present then you already have the newest version. FYI: I forgot to change the in-app version number for v1.5 so it still says 1.4 (sorry if that causes any confusion).

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