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Giving Up Size To Upgrade To WP7? Experience It Now

Internally we’ve been talking about the Windows Phones and we’ve been trying to get a sense as to how much screen size we’ll have to give up to go from an HD2 to the Focus and the Surround. So, why not just make a graphic so we can test it on our phones?

OK, so we have two images for you. Both are relative to a 4.3” screen (HD2) and one depicts the screen size of the Focus (4.0”) and the other is the HTC Surround (3.8”) so if you open these images on your HD2 you’ll see exactly the lost real estate. I can definitely live with the Focus and the Surround seems ok too. Maybe 4.3” was just spoiling me…

Anyway, to view the Focus on your HD2 download this image. To view the Surround on your HD2 download this image (sorry that I lost a little sharpness when I resized).  You can view them in browser if you’re full screen and just pinch it to the right size. Does this change your view of which device you’ll be shooting for?