Anyone ordering a Surface 2 (or Pro)? My instinct is that it fails worse than the 1. I ordered the original RT to get their latest. I like it. I’ll keep using it. I’m not replacing it with a Surface 2 or a Pro…at least not yet. There’s no docking station out and too many new products are coming to market that I want a crack at. In fact, I’m not sure who does buy this. They finally have some brand recognition with their recent ads, but the fan base of enthusiasts likely own a Surface 1 or are waiting for something else, like the Nokia tablet or the Asus that’s $350. I do like the Pro and I’ll keep it on my short list of possible tablets but I’m not preordering anything…


I’m not one to just replace stuff because something new comes out.  I’m still on my 64gb RT and will be until something causes this thing to not work or it’s not doing what I need it to do anymore.  This whole problem with Gmail has been pissing me off royally and really want the 8.1 RTM as soon as they can release it to hopefully put this problem to rest.


Makes me wonder if I could get my processor upgraded on my Pro to a Haswell.  I’m betting it’s not easy.  To the interwebs!


I bet you money that processor doesn’t even have a traditional "socket".  Even if it did I believe the Haswell line has a new socket anyway, does it not?  Either way I doubt it would be possible.  Let us know what you find.  Don’t be discouraged by my Negative Nancy-ism. 


I want 8.1 RTM because Xbox Music and Mail are awful in the Preview. There’s really no reason they shouldn’t have let the RT Preview users upgrade early. I’m running RTM on two boxes already and it’s far better than Preview in its current state.
As for a Surface 2, I’d love to get one for the improved performance coupled with a backlit Touch Cover. But I’d rather wait for an LTE-capable model since the Surface RT I have now works just fine.

Matt :

+1 Stephen. I’m feeling the role of the red-headed step child.

Murani :

I’m not going to preorder. The recent leaked lineup of Win8.1 devices have some great devices in the lineup. They are also cheaper.
Like Matt, I’m not one to just run out and buy something while my current device is meeting my needs. Always been an independent not affected by peer pressure.


Totally agree with you guys, especially because of the power cover out next year.  I really am happy with my Pro but more ssd space would be sweet, 128GB isn’t bad but more is better.  Matt, you’re not being negative Nancy but realistic Ron, I’m checking out iFixit article on it right now.


Surface Pro socket type: BGA1023  

Surface Pro 2 possible socket types: FCBGA1364, FCLGA1150, FCLGA1150, FCBGA1364 

So it’s definitely a no go.


Here are my 2 cents. I am not going to upgrade my Surface Pro for Surface Pro 2 unless Microsoft gives a good incentive to early adopters. This is true for my wife’s RT and my RT also. Having said that I will buy a TouchCover 2 (if that comes in a color other than Black or White), and TypeCover with Power. I am happy with my Surface Pro and Surface RT combination, for researching, mind mapping and email checking (including Office) I use RT, for coding, code reviews, presentation, Visio stuff I use Pro.


I am going to buy this definitely though


I’m just watching. Mostly because lack of funding. Le sigh.


I have the original Arc Touch Mouse – great piece of technology for on the go. The new one is bluetooth.


About time. I never understood why they still make mice with wireless receivers instead of just using Bluetooth. Even Wait, why is this mini Displayport? Wouldn’t you prefer HDMI (or mini HDMI)?


Wait, why is the dock mini Displayport? Wouldn’t you prefer HDMI (or mini HDMI)?


The Pro has Mini Display Port and they have Mini Display to VGA adapter. I have found it extremely useful when I hook my surface to my bedroom TV (32” one) and play around.


Surface isn’t a display port.  It’s mini-HDMI.  Display port is a proprietary apple connector.  Dumb cable.


Surface RT is mini-HDMI, Surface Pro is mini-DisplayPort. They opted for DP on the Pro to reach >1080p resolutions. Still useless since nothing except Apple displays support DP input.


>1080p is pretty much useless anyway. especially on smaller monitors or screens.

Douglas Smith:

Actually the dell xps Ultrabook used it too. I had bought the rocket fish and it didn’t work and ended up getting a Belkin that works perfectly. 


  1. The pricing structure makes sense and proves Microsoft point of saying Surface brand is premium. While I may not be interested in these two unless Microsoft gives good incentive to early adopters of Surface line, I am definitely interested in the rumored mini Surface and rumored Nokia 1520/aka Phablet.

  2. I have to agree with the context of this story, at least with regard to the Surface RT 2. Although much more robust than a silly iPad (even though it has fewer “APPPPPS”), it’s still not a real computer. And for the same reason I will never intentionally own an iPad, or Android tablet, or Chromebook, I will not be buying another RT device, regardless of the of the fancy accessories.

    But I still think a Surface RT 2 is the perfect device of a grade or middle/high school student. Like the iPad, you can’t sideload apps, but unlike the iPad, you have a full size USB port, expandable memory, kickstand, Office, and all of the support that Microsoft, the leader in software, brings to the party. Much less susceptible to viruses and other bad things.

    For me though, I give up too much with RT. I think that Asus 10.1″ device will be in my bag soon. And my Surface RT. It may wind up on the shelf, as it will be my 6th device, and I can only load apps on five. Sure, the Asus is not as rugged as the Surface 1 or 2 RT, but I don’t plan to drop either, so that’s not a big issue. Hell, it might even be a tad lighter.

    I respect Microsoft for what they are doing, but I honestly don’t get RT. If Windows Phone 9 morphs into RT next year, that’s fine. Running full Windows on an 8″ devices is already on the fringe. Anything small is just plain silly. And as I said in another post, a few years ago when that smaller device could be plugged into a larger dock to gain access, it made sense. But today with the Cloud, who needs it. The big monitor, mouse, keyboard and dock will cost almost as much as an i5. So just get the damn i5 and store all you data in the Cloud. Forget the dock. It’s going to be replaced by something else in nine months anyway.

  3. I was hoping Chrome would solve my problem with Android browser, but I ran into a “bug” using Chrome with Pay Pal.
    So nothing is perfect.
    I won’t be getting a surface 2, as my TabPhone can do the job of 3 devices, and a lot more if you want to get into details.
    My tablet and laptop seem like a total waste of money and resources.
    Too bad they delayed the 1520, if I can’t wait, there will be an SNote3 in my hands soon.

  4. I’ll stick with my fully loaded 2013 MacBook Air LAPTOP. I played the tablet game for a few years, and it was entertaining, but nothing beats a MacBook IMO

  5. The power of a laptop in the form of a tablet.

    I’m calling it a laplet. And when you’re using it, you have do the lap dance.

    • I Love it when Women are into tech.
      You sound like fun
      Kinda wish my wife was more into it. She just smiles and nods to appease me. Then makes the complete opposite choice.

      • My wife also does the same. probably most of the techies wives does that unless they are into technology. No, I am not stereotyping.

  6. I don’t think it is stereotyping, and so what if it is. “Stereotypes” generally have some truth behind them.
    But it is not just tech purchases, its clothes, finances, decor…You name it.
    I say “Why do you even ask me?” She says “Just making conversation, or thinking out loud.”
    Makes me crazy!

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