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Microsoft Office Online Goes Live

I am just going to go ahead and say this is really cool! I have been using Google Docs for a long time now basically because I use an iPhone and iPad a lot for business travel and did not like the third party office apps. Google Docs did a good enough job for me. No real complaints. But I am a Microsoft Office fan and have been so for a very long time. The problem is as I mentioned that there are only third party apps for iOS because Redmond and Cupertino just don’t play nice. Well today is the day my friends! has gone live and now with your Microsoft sign in, I use an domain I created when they first came out with it, you can use online FREE! What’s really cool about this is that it backs up to the beefy free storage that Microsoft gives you “free” with OneDrive formerly known as SkyDrive because some asshats from an Euro broadcasting company sued and won against Microsoft. So check it out. Got to from any iOS device and log in, you can do this from a PC also (I tried it) and then create yo’ self a spreadsheet if you like and then save that bad boy out to OneDrive! Looks like this from my Fruit Tablet:


Then if you like just open up a excel spread sheet and do what you need to do:

Then you can save it out the cloud or as we affectionately know it from Microsoft “OneDrive”. Check out my 10 FREE Gigs of storage!


I will say that it is sort of slow working with the spreadsheets but it is not painful. It is obviously not as snappy as working from your local PC with Office loaded on it but it really does the job. I will test it out later and see of some of my more massive spread sheets bring it to it’s knees or not but for now I just wanted to get this out there for our readers to hack around with and enjoy!