Windows Phone - 14 October 2011
Author: David K

So Microsoft and Skype have made it official. There are a few countries that still require regulatory approval and as to those limited countries the deal is open but on the whole the deal is done. That means integration can move ahead full speed. In fact, the first thing they did was update Skype to remove a Google toolbar bundle. Nice. Hopefully the WP7 Skype apps is released soon as well.

But along with the release is this chart of stats. Staggering stuff. There are 300m minutes of Skype video per day for example and in one minute there’s 48 hours of YouTube video uploaded and 6 months of video Skype calls.


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  1. nicely done

  2. Nice. Hopefully the WP7 Skype apps is released soon as well.

    Well thank God you’re used to waiting and waiting for any minute now to finally occur. Because it’s gonna be a lil’ while on this one big guy. Which you know.

  3. @Doug Simmons: It’s soon:
    There’s a Skype app that is planned. That’s prior to the Skype integration that’s in the next WP OS release. The app coming soon is the same as your Android Skype app.

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  5. Do you think Microsoft will be receptive to any potential concerns from the carriers? After all, they are the most operator-friendly OS according to Surur.

    Also, bundling it into the phones out of the box, will that help or hurt Microsoft tap into the enterprise market RIM is giving away now even though it’s quite common for institutions to ban Skype? Ehh, don’t answer, let me ask the readers that one and cook up a bit.

  6. You’re beyond idiot status with this crap now dude… seriously.

  7. Yeah, well, I’ve had a good streak going for a while now, need to vent some gas that’s built up. Cut me some slack.

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