htceternity1Microsoft’s next evolution with their mobile OS has been in developers hands for a little while now and we have witnessed it’s goodness! Lot’s of updates and more yet to come from rumored updates code named “Tango” and “Apollo”. Okay, we’re excited, but what about the devices? I have been holding off on the HTC HD7s for various reasons and it appears my hunch is going to pay off! It appears if this latest HTC leak is correct our wait will be come an “Eternity” as German website HTCInside dropped the goods on HTC’s first high end offering for Windows Phone called Eternity.

The HTC Eternity will not disappoint for large screen size lovers with a gigantic 4.7 WVGA Super LCD display and enough horsepower from Qualcomm’s MSM 8255 1.5 GHz processor to shot plenty of pictures with the 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front shooter. Battery in the Eternity will be a 1650 mAh. Another interesting tidbit is the Eternity is listed as having DNLA capabilities.

So you down with that?




  1. I like the fact they are including things like DLNA and front facing cameras. The size is too big for me as it means the resolution will probably suffer a bit because of it.

    I really think that phones like this will dramatically incrase Windows Phone’s exposure and combined with Mango delight customers and we’ll see a serious spike in sales.

    Nice job HTC!

  2. If you’re in the mood to get factual, Murani, the fact is that Smith’s source not only offers no source on this alleged leak (other than some tipster’s handle) but they note this: “Wir wissen nicht ob die Daten stimmen, doch wenn diese der Wahrheit entsprechen sollten..”

    Which, if I’m not mistaken, is German for “Don’t break our balls too hard if it’s eventually revealed that we pulled this whole thing straight out of our ass, rather blame Engadget for running it with our logo on some sort of promotional-looking thing which took us at least twenty minutes to get just right.”

  3. LOL, indeed Simmons, indeed. I have my eyes fixed square on a Nokia branded Mango device primarily because i’m getting back into media and the camera will be great to capture images while mobile. My mobile workstation is a few months away from being reality.

  4. I think everyone who reads tech blogs understands leaks and rumors are just that. I am a little skeptical about a 4.7 inch screen, but a lot of other elements are at least believable.

  5. 4.7 inch screen is too big. This phone might have been more impressive, if not for Nokia’s Sea Ray. The Sea Ray’s rumored specs, and that’s all they are at this point, look better than this. Not to mention the Sea Ray’s design and aesthetics completely outclasses this phone.

    HTC, it is okay to change your design every once in a while.

  6. It wish Nokia make something like this. I said before I want a 4.5 Nokia with dual camera.. But 4.7???? Dang………….

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