Not only do ImagineCup finalists get a Windows Phone but it’s running Mango…in September. So there you have it. In September Mango will be on devices. And that’s ‘by September’ so there’s a chance it’s even earlier.

Sweet sweet Mango goodness.


  1. I’ve said earlier that i’m buying a new phone in the fall and either selling my Surround or keeping it as a gaming device. No biggie for me.

    Great news actually! My bet is looking more and more like a sure thing Simmons.

  2. Was kind of thinking the same thing – this just means that there will be new phones with Mango installed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that existing phones will have Mango, especially with the carrier “testing” process. I imagine that it will likely be even worse on AT&T, the premier US partner. :(

    Oh, and don’t forget the 1.4 rev Focus which _still_ doesn’t have NoDo.

    Still, good to know that there will be new devices available in the September timeframe with Mango. Will wait for more details on those.

  3. And if I got a new device, I could see this being useful and giving my old one to my kid as an MP3 / game device. No ability to rack up huge email or texting bills, but still enjoy toting around something fun and shiny.

  4. And THIS is how customers expectations are incorrectly set, by idiot bloggers like yourselves. At least the other idiot bloggers preface their article with: “this is pure speculation”.

  5. @Murani Lewis: I have the itch for a new device as well, though as devices go the Surround has been Solid/Strong for me. Before that HD2, so I’m waiting to see something really different. Nokia may have it but whatever it is will need to have more memory than 16GB. That comes no where near touching my favorites in my music collection.

    I’m thinking the Mango bugs will be worked out for the HD2 before September and I’ll be rocking with that device until the 5G devices with teleportation come around.

  6. @adam: wow Adam, calling people idiots are we? Sitting around squatting and catching balls for most of your day? Id say that’s how homogobic behavior is set….but no one sees fit to comment on that. It’s okay bitch boy….ill send you a hug one day…perhaps the same day you get to pitch instead of bend over.

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  8. Your bash attempt is fail. Makes no sense and isn’t near on topic. My post is perfectly relevant and is in response to idiots like these guys who had everyone thinking their speculative NoDo dates were official. Yeah, go fuck yourself d-bag.

  9. @adam: How is this irresponsible? What do you think EVERY other blog and news agency is doing? Trying to find relevant facts to determine when device releases might be expected. It is not pure speculation, there is a tweet by MFST that says that a mango 7.5 device will be out in September. That is pretty clear cut facts that support his claim. Your comment is irresponsible and really was only designed to elicit a flame response which you got.

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  16. And that’s ‘by September’ so there’s a chance it’s even earlier.

    Wow. Might there also be a chance that you know damn well that that’s not true but know that this is the right group of people to rattle off some bullshit like that?

    Also, everybody liking the user agent icon reporting thing or do you feel violated by being outted from the IE closet?

  17. @Doug Simmons: I’m just applying English. If I tell you I’ll get you the papers ‘by Friday’ that’s an outside date so it’s Friday or earlier.

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  21. What happens to the English if you just apply history?

    Based on what you said, and based on multiple allegations against us for being slow to report things, could MobilityDigest readers infer here that Microsoft may have already in fact released this thing?

  22. Doug Simmons fights with the readers like a total ass-hat. You asked what other sites were doing, well, they’re doing exactly what I said in my first post (which you obviously missed). They’re saying things like: “take it with a grain of salt”, “sort of”, “this might be just for this specific group of students”, and “this isn’t official, but”. That’s what a responsible blogger would do, but that doesn’t get the clicks, so you title it like it’s gospel. My opinion remains, especially since you stand behind it: you’re idiots and you’re irresponsible. I don’t even read this site, it just happens to come through my news app. This is the same site that cried about a search engine proxy coming from WP7s when, in fact, it was the behavior of the news app. It shows how deep your technical knowledge and investigations go.

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