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Instagram and Windows Phone 8? Could be!

The afternoon was young and full of promises, I was on my merry way to the Nokia after party. After all, what else is left to do after you unveil something like a Lumia 920? While walking down the block, checking my “me” tile like any normal overly obsessed social networking whore would do, something hit me, hit me hard!


Exactly what do you mean “Likes my photo on instagram?” Where did that come from? Interestingly enough, when I installed the app earlier that day (flashed the SG2 and had to reload everything,) I  specifically remember unchecking the option to have the Facebook app contacted when I like something on Instagram. What is going on here?


I tried to make sense of this, I quickly pulled out my trusty android phone to cross reference the notification. God bless Android and those battery issues, it gave me its last 2% to pull up the facebook app and notice, this facebook notification was not showing in the app! Strange. So I headed back to the Me tile to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Nope, it was still there!


If it was as simple as the instagram and facebook application interacting, why was it not replicated on the android phone? So, I turned right back around and headed for the car. Plugged in the wounded SG2 for charge, fired up tether, pulled out the iPad and searched like a mad man for the mysterious instagram/facebook notification. It was NOT there either! What going on here? How is it neither iOS nor Android picked this thing up but here it is on the Windows Phone clear as day?


By this time I was far too excited about what this could potentially mean as well as the Nokia event ahead, so I had to get back. But I was not without vigilance. The people who could explain the madness might be somewhere in the building, so I kept it cool. I entered the event with grace and purpose. Where is Mr. Belfiore?! See, he never says yes neither does he say no. I knew he would be the perfect person to slide off a slick remark to, then read him like there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately my plan failed, he was not present at the event.


So, I had to resort to more aggressive tactics. It was not time to troll the Nokia employees at the event, muscle them into a mistake or two. And boy oh boy did that work! One convo went something like this:

Nokia rep: As you can see even when I shake the camera pretty violently pureview still manages to clear it up for you

Ramon: wow, so when you’re done shaking, you can post that straight to instagram?

Nokia rep: no….not yet, but you do have your usual social network integration blah blah blah….

I had heard enough! The gloves were off! It was time to kick operation “scum bag” into action. I looked for the prettiest, most girly, blondest Nokia rep I could find and headed straight for her. Engage!


Nokia rep: Now that the Nokia maps are offline you can see how fast and fluid it is to operate [she continuously zooms in and out]

Ramon: WOW! that is super impressive, you know that kind of works just like the new instagram maps feature, its really just as smooth if not smoother!

Nokia rep: Exactly and…..

Ramon: [I cut her off] wait, can you show me the instagram app? or can you tell me when it will be available for the 920?

Nokia rep: That’s not done yet so sorry I don’t have anything to show you right now….

AH HA!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, trolling and sexism has given us the best answer we’ve ever had as to if/when instagram will be coming. Even now I have no shame, this had to be done! The mysterious facebook notification, coupled with the less than prepared for trollage Nokia reps is enough to convince me that its coming. Question is, will it be an app, an integrated service or even one of those dope new “lens” features showed off by nokia?

Let the speculation begin!!!!! Am I going crazy or are we all about to be posting pictures of our sock drawers on instagram?!



Just for good measure, here is a screenshot of the notification on the desktop, its real!