Nice video. Granted not unique to Windows Phones but glad to see it’s here and it seems to be simple and easy to use.


  1. I’m curious to see if Microsoft allows apps like Tango and Skype to add themselves to the dialer that pops up. That would eliminate the simplicity advantage that FaceTime has. Either way it does seem extremely easy to use just the integration would be cool.

  2. I really like the look of the Titan. It really seemed manageable for having a 4.7 inch screen. Gorilla Glass too….Hmmmm

  3. I’ve been (attempting) to use Tango on my iPhone for many months now.. there’s just far too many BETTER solutions at the moment. Yes, Tango will support all major platforms, but so does… umm… Skype?

  4. You know what else skype supports? Pop-up ads. Got a call from my aunt whom I had set up with a MacBook, really pristine, everything solid, feeling like I’m not going to have to worry about getting a call for help for a while, then she insists I install Skype so she can Skype away with some kid, can’t talk her into using Google Talk, gotta have Skype, next night, calls me during dinner, freaked out because of some your system is insecure click here pop up.

    Google around for Skype and pop-upping, given that the other software on her computer consists solely of iTunes and the other Mac stuff, Chrome and Picasa. Skype kept itself logged in, which sucked, but the pop-ups? They’re still doing that? Meanwhile they charge more than Google even with their “discounts” and subscription bullshit.

    Maybe they’d work on Windows Phone instead of friggin’ Tango turning into the de facto Facetime of WP but they’ve got actual priorities, like coming out with an iPad version instead of having people fumble around with the iPhone version on the iPad.


    That call pissed me off. Skype sucks, Tango isn’t hot either, but the chief complaint you people should have with having to use Tango is that we don’t know much about Tango yet in order to use them you have to hand over all of your contacts to them. That’s a risk you’re taking on behalf of your friends. Putting friends into your mac contacts, hotmail, Google, that’s okay, but some random thing like Tango? Dick move.

    Also it’s buggy. Except of course on Mango I’m sure.

  5. I don’t use Skype unless I *have* to – just tossing that out there as an option. 99% of the people that I video call use FaceTime or Google Talk.

    My kids, wife, parents, and I all use FaceTime. For my friends and sister etc, we use GTalk. Tango has NEVER worked properly for me.

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