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Early Hands-on with Lumia 928 calls phone “thick, heavy and covered in plastic”

Business Insider got their hands on the Lumia 928 in advance and they don’t have nice things to say about it. “…the Lumia 928 is still noticeably thicker and heavier than other top-tier phones like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One. The plastic also feels a bit cheaper than the materials used to build the Lumia 920, and its squared-off design isn’t nearly as attractive. This model is an improvement in many ways, but it’s hardly ideal for those who like thin and light phones.” The Galaxy has almost no build quality to it so I can’t imagine it’s below that standard.

This is about all they have so far. They noted the camera was good but they haven’t put it through its paces yet and they still need time for a full review. They did provided these photos and state “Finally, this isn’t the only new device Nokia has for us this week. It will announce another phone with a metal body and 41 megapixel camera called the Lumia 925 at a press event in London Tuesday morning.”
You can read it in full (with high resolution photos) here.