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Crescer–A Highly Polished Unique Game For Windows Phones

imageBrowsing the latest Windows Phone releases and noticed a new game called Crescer from Game Production Studios. What’s striking about it is the level of polish to a unique game. Just check out the trailer:

And here’s the official description:

Grow, grow, grow! Grow plants, earn money, purchase tools, upgrade your plants, and purchase new ones. In this unique Windows Phone 7 game you are required to grow the perfect plant across eight different environments. It’s not so easy as tossing a seed in the ground and hoping for the best, mother nature is out to get you! Use an assortment of tools to protect your plant from hazards ranging from simple weather, to bugs, to volcanic eruptions.
Unlocking all achievements will unlock a arcade style bonus level, where you play as Sunny "The Sunflower" and defend The Moon against evil bug invaders!

It looks like it has a ton of potential. The only downside is that they did not enable a trial mode which I think would attract a lot more users. Anyway, it’s only $.99 and it’s available now from Marketplace so if you give it a go share with the group.