Not only did they unleash this massive worldwide, cross device, cross carrier update but there’s been a known method to force your phone to trigger the update early. Since Microsoft set out this intentional slow rollout to give them time to test you’d presume they would not want line cutters. But you’d be wrong:


Whoah but when they do that it screws everyone else, right? Nope:

Awesome. They see that people are excited for the platform and they’re letting it roll. Well played.


  1. The way they have semi-cooperated with the XDA guys since the WM days I’m not surprised at this at all. Again as noted, Kudos to MS.

  2. @Chuck Wurster: This does work in Canada. I am on Rogers and my friend is on Telus and we both forced the update to mango on the 27th. I suggest you try again and if it doesn’t work try it a couple more times. You might not be disabling the internet connection fast enough once Zune starts checking for updates.

  3. It’s the only way to get it if you’re a dev and didn’t install the beta on the phone…(and you’re not in the queue for the 1st rollouts). Did mine that way yesterday for that reason. Took a few tries, need to be fast on the disconnect. First forcing only did a backup and a NoDo refresh. Had to force a 2nd time to get Mango.

  4. I tried a couple dozen times to force the update but can’t get it to work! Tried with two different windows phones too ! Does it matter that Zune mobile communication service keeps crashing ?

  5. @mike b –yeah, if Zune is crashing, its not gonna work. Uninstall and reinstall, or repair Zune first…
    The trick is to interrupt Zune from checking for an upgrade in the 1st few seconds…
    Zune does all the backing up and upgrading–you don’t want a defective Zune install to brick your phone.

  6. I updated my Telus HTC Surround last night. It took me 3 times to get the timing right for ethernet pull, but once it was able to see the update, everything went smoothly.

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