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Microsoft Clarifies 15 Live Tile Limit


A few days ago I reported here that I have been having problems installing new apps with Live Tile support that would either; not allow me to turn on the Live Tile feature or the tile simply would not update. I theorized that as I had nowhere near 15 third party live tiles installed/active or have even reached that number cumulatively, that the 15 tile limit was based on cumulative installs, even if you installed the same app several times. From the responses in the original post, several other users indicated that they had experienced the same issue, across multiple devices, and only a hard reset cleared up the problem. Further, I follow the Marketplace comments for many of the apps that I have been having issues with and each day I see more and more users complaining that the apps Live Tile is not or no longer working. 

DavidK put the question in front of Brandon Watson / WinPhoneSupport and here is the reply.


Looks like the key word in that last tweet is “should”, as “clearing up the spot”, does not appear to be the case. I have tried uninstalling all of my Live Tile supported apps, soft resetting, battery pull. Everything short of a hard reset. And now every app with Live Tile support I install, even apps that worked perfectly last week, no longer work.As the issue has been detected in at least three different device types and two manufacturers, I am thinking that this has something to do with the OS and not a vendor modified ROM.

One other thought is that some rouge app, that all of us affected have installed, has some how mucked up the Live Tile Channel (when an error is displayed it’s, “Failed to open channel”) and now nothing can get past it, so a simple soft reset, as suggested by one of the developers I have been dealing with, will no longer “clear up that spot”. If it is a rouge app, trying to find it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Not like there is some definitive list of “push” Live Tile apps at everyone’s disposal to compare. You would need access to the registry key(s) associated with Live Tiles to see if something odd is in there, like the remnants of a rouge app constantly recreating itself, clogging things up. Might be time for me to take a look inside.

On another note, now that it has been confirmed that there is a 15 Live Tile limit, less the native apps, I would suggest that Marketplace add an identifier in an apps description indicating, Live Tile Support, along with “push” or “pull”, as now we will need to keep a count of what we have installed on our device. With more apps adding Live Tiles, which is a big feature of WP7 and a good thing, reaching this limit is going to be happening to more and more users every day. BTW, no clarification on any limit for “pull” Live Tiles, but I am guessing that there is no threshold. They are apps that update on a scheduled basis, like once per hour or per day, rather than instantly. They include; Weather Channel, WeatherDuck, Urban Dictionary and SmartTile (when push is disabled). Marketplace needs to distinguish between these two Live Tile types so as not to confuse end users. Of course, Microsoft can raise the Live Tile limit to something like 100 and the problem will go away. Ah, wishful thinking.