How many of you know Microsoft gives away Office Web Apps for free? Well yes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Web Apps are free with your SkyDrive and they are more intuitive and functional than Google Docs.


  1. Very true!

    And by that I mean they’re free and very intuitive. I’ve never (purposely) used google docs.

  2. Intuitive and functional, really? Aren’t the two qualities sort of mutually exclusive?

    For all you awesome Chrome users (specifically, 23.4% of you), grab yourself this extension which when you open an email in gmail that has an attachment, next to the download and preview links you’ll have a Save to Drive thing that dumps the attachment right into your root folder on Google Drive.

    And here’s one that claims to let you save to Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox and Box but I didn’t try it.

    I’m sure IE has that sort of functionality built in though.

    Oh, here’s another cool Chrome extension that lets you right click any image or the target of any link to save it to Google Drive. Handy for building up your .. stash to have with you anywhere you go if you know what I mean.

    • sick bastard, not the image I needed in my head (along with your stupid helmet avatar, what’s the helmet for anyway, all the dumbass-debris that you keep banging your head into?)

      thanks for the extensions though. hook me up with the right click reverse google image and tineye search, I need to get the names and higher res versions of the … people in my …. stash if you know — wait, of course you know what I mean

      hey yo Ram is there a thing you can install on this site that would let visitors such as myself filter out comments after running them through a dumbass algorithm? or some sort of petition I can sign to that effect?

    • Simmons,
      Those are very good links. I am bookmarking them. You saved me from buying Pixel. :)

  3. @Who – I think it’s to protect Simmons while he’s shooting “wildlife” in central park. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Simmons.

    • Not to quickly change the subject, or skew voting, but it’s interesting, the current winner of this poll. No way most people take their whiskey that way. I think it’s just something that if you do it that way, you’re more inclined to want to brag about it and therefore are more likely to vote. And if you’re swayed to vote for a reason like that, perhaps for the very same reason, chasing masculinity, you started drinking it straight in the first place, landing you in a vicious cycle of insecurity and hangovers, telling yourself “I’m a functioning alcoholic.” Sure you are.

      Parenthetically, I too take my whiskey (bourbon specifically) neat and my coffee black, no sugar. I got all the sugar I need from my man Matt.

  4. If you are thinking how to find free Office Web Apps, just open your SkyDrive at and sign in with your Microsoft Account and click on +Create, and you could select your Office Document type.

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