Microsoft employees take to the streets to get their freak on, thrill the masses and get silly.  Celebrating the RTM (Release To Manufacturers) milestone for the anticipated upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.  Some will call it corny, some distasteful, shooting themselves in the foot.  I look at the video below and stand to my feet with applause.  From where I sit Microsoft has a product to be proud of on their hands and expressing that satisfaction, excitement and confidence is a good thing to see.

Enjoy the video below and let me know what you really think about this celebration.


  1. David K listen dude, the celebration is a funny, very nice way of enjoying the putting together of what looks like will be a great product. Stop hating man. Even if you suck up to Apple or Android, the fact that WP7 will be good competition can only make things better for everyone. I for myself enjoyed seeing those people having some fun.
    BTW, they make excellent software.

  2. Would agree, MS as a whole make great software, Vista, ME were not very good but XP and 7 are incredible OS.

    Visual Studio is by far (by far) the best development platform.

  3. i find the video pretty sweet myself, definately cool that a company encourages this type of stuff. when xbox 360 was released in australia they had (i think at the time at least) the worlds largest waterbaloon fight.

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