imageMicrosoft only allows XNA and Silverlight on Windows Phone apps and use of the gaming engine Unity3D has not been permitted. That’s rubbed a lot of devs the wrong way as they rely on this for their games (including Xbox titles) and the result is that they skip WP7. Well apparently there’s one developer using Unity3D in its Windows Phone games…Microsoft.

Maybe they’ll understand that the same reason they used it is why other devs want to use it. You’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar…now hand out the cookies and let’s be done with this. Unity3D for WP7!

UPDATE: This string may not in fact be them using Unity3D in the WP7 version. It may be a left over assembly. Take a read here for the details. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s strong demand for Unity3D and Microsoft is using it in their software so hopefully they see why other devs would want it on WP7.


  1. I’m surprised it hasn’t ocurred to the press that maybe MS is testing out a new SDK that has native code access.  What better way to test out a new SDK than by releasing the apps they make with it today instead of for Apollo.  We already know that native code access is on the way.

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