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Xbox Live Arcade Games To Come to WP7 – Four Lines Of Code Needed

image The power of XNA is shining through. Code it once and use it on all of your screens – and that’s why WP7 is brilliant. Pocket-lint is reporting that MS is working to try to get all 300 Xbox Live arcade games will be available for Windows Phone 7.  This may be an easy task as they were told “Just four lines of code changed an Xbox Live Arcade game to a Windows Phone 7 game in a recent publisher test.” The hardest part is presumably re-writing the controls for touch only. But this is great news. This is an Xbox in your hand. Not just mobile games. These are developed top notch games. I really think MS’s move to XNA on a phone was brilliance and it makes the entire MS gaming platform even more attractive. Make devs happy, they’ll make good games which makes users happy…and repeat.