mobility-digest-themeIf you haven’t come by to see our new look then jump out of your RSS Reader, Twitter or Facebook feeds and check it out! We have added a Featured Article Slider at the top, a cleaner fresher look, plus, my favorite add is Threaded Comments without having to use Disqus! It’s all native here on our site, it’s all CAPTCHA free and ready for you to jump in and say what’s on your mind. You’ll also notice we have a Popular Articles listing on our Sidebar so you know what articles written have made the most impact on our readers. There is related articles with thumbnails under every post page so you can continue to read our articles. And at the bottom of the home page there is a random assortment of articles we think you might like also.

mobility-digest-logoThere are a lot of articles written and we are now at 7,325 with over 38,000 pictures! There is lots of history there. We are proud to still be blogging after all this time and having fun. I do need to ask all of our readers for a favor. Please like us on Twitter and on Facebook, we need your support! Lastly, I am looking to freshen up our logo. I have been using that same thing for years and it even dates back to Tilt and Fuze Mobility. Got any ideas? Use the contact page above and let me know what you come up with. Thanks again for reading Mobility Digest and being part of our community!

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  1. I forgot to mention that a huge round of thanks is due to Kristofer Brozio for an amazing job hacking and tweaking the theme to meet our specs! Thank you so much Kristofer!

  2. Is it too late to tweak the theme at all? Things still seem squished together and unfinished looking. Maybe trim the “related news” down a bit too?

    I mean, it’s okay, and the threaded comments are a nice addition, but it just feels kind of “plain” and “busy” at the same time.


  3. > Got any ideas?

    Yes actually:

    This theme is elegant and there are some things I like more about it than the last one, kudos for the effort Smith and Kristofer, it’s chic, but man it is way too busy.

    Pete’s sake would you please not truncate with the RSS feeds to excerpts? You’ve been doing it long enough and I don’t even have to pull up the traffic to know that it hasn’t done you any noticeable favors, has it. I used to have it display the full article and the comments on the article with a simple invitation to add a comment which, when used, would pull an RSS cruiser onto the site, but you got rid of that. Bring that back, also bring back the stock widget, bring back the vote up/down on comments, .. I’m not sure how I feel about the threaded commenting yet but I’ll get back to you.

    Smith, what’s the story with Wirefly, have you got a brother-in-law who works for it or something? Too many related articles. And it’s time to tweak your most popular article as the how-to on WP7 tethering as it doesn’t effing work to my understanding.

    The content of the pages is several inches from the top. That’s too much. Also, too many social icons. The featured slideshow is WAY too tall and moves too fast. The Mobility Digest logo, maybe see if you can squeeze that into one line. Get rid of the category buttons, you don’t have the overflow of content to necessitate that.

    Glad you’ve got some new blood here, but it wouldn’t hurt to fix the writers wanted contact form.

    Thanks for sticking with the Google fonts. That’s groovy.

    There’s been something funky with the mobile theme, at least on Android phones, might have something to do with the font, where the page sometimes loads but sometimes doesn’t appear unless I start scrolling, and when I’m typing it may randomly skip to the beginning of what I was typing, which is irritating. Might just be Android, but I don’t think it’s just me. I’ll fiddle with that.

    Please uninstall your SEO plugins. They too are not doing you any favors, are they, like I said would be the case in February. Restore the php that I put in that gives Twitter-like timestamping, this was posted X units of time ago, that was good.

    And as for your tip top priority, get the hell onto Google News. You see this right here? Not effing acceptable Smith. You should fix that first, THEN you polish up your mouseover effects on featured images (which is kinda nice actually, good job).

    But look at how little effort one really needs to put into the presentation of his content before it’s the content that sells the site, this guy knows what I’m talking about right here. Two things would not bring that guy more traffic: SEO plugins and a sizzling theme. Furthermore, were he to work on those fronts anyway, it would come at the cost of time he could spend creating more content, which may leave him with a net loss. A cluttered up net loss.

    I like the black bold hyperlinks but lose the underlines on the light gray mouseovers. The fade to gray is enough. And how about geolocation flags again, why did you pull that? Sparked too much debate for you?

    No more stories about your birthdays please and thanks.

    That’s it I’m done.

  4. I refuse to come to this site on the computer anymore. Those rollover popups are the worst thing ever invented.

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