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Mobility Digest New Theme Completed

mobility-digest-themeIf you haven’t come by to see our new look then jump out of your RSS Reader, Twitter or Facebook feeds and check it out! We have added a Featured Article Slider at the top, a cleaner fresher look, plus, my favorite add is Threaded Comments without having to use Disqus! It’s all native here on our site, it’s all CAPTCHA free and ready for you to jump in and say what’s on your mind. You’ll also notice we have a Popular Articles listing on our Sidebar so you know what articles written have made the most impact on our readers. There is related articles with thumbnails under every post page so you can continue to read our articles. And at the bottom of the home page there is a random assortment of articles we think you might like also.

mobility-digest-logoThere are a lot of articles written and we are now at 7,325 with over 38,000 pictures! There is lots of history there. We are proud to still be blogging after all this time and having fun. I do need to ask all of our readers for a favor. Please like us on Twitter and on Facebook, we need your support! Lastly, I am looking to freshen up our logo. I have been using that same thing for years and it even dates back to Tilt and Fuze Mobility. Got any ideas? Use the contact page above and let me know what you come up with. Thanks again for reading Mobility Digest and being part of our community!

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