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Mobility Digest Review: Colcasac Custom Zagora Case for HTC Titan

Hello all, good morning to you! I’m back with another review of a case for your phone. The product I have today is from Colcasac and it’s a custom made case for my HTC Titan Windows Phone but you can get one made for any phone or you can pick from one of their standard ready made to order cases as well. Colcasac products are what we consider green and are made from natural and recycled products that are environmentally friendly. The case I got for my Titan is from their Zagora line, it’s essentially a cloth pouch with a thick fleece lining but the pouch is made from durable hemp basket weave canvas for durability. So read one to learn more…

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Colcasac

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Colcasac Custom Zagora Case for HTC Titan

Classic black protection for your Phone. Made from organic hemp canvas. Works well both for protecting your Phone within a pack or on its own.

The Zagora features a dark black, heavy duty organic hemp basket weave canvas exterior and is lined with a very soft 100% recycled polyester fleece lining. The Zagora is dyed with non-toxic, low impact dyes and are formaldehyde and PBDE free.

What Makes A ColcaSac Phone Sleeve Better?

* Solid protection from dents and scratches
* Highly breathable design for your Phone
* Perfect fit for your Phone
* Unique look acts as a theft deterrent


The Review:

The Colcasac case comes in a brown box with leaves all over it. On the back you’ll find lots of information about the company, and the products they make.


The case is made from natural Hemp and it’s black in color but you can get other colors. Hemp is of course a fiber and it’s meant to be rough and rugged. I could liken the feeling of the surface to burlap but softer and not as coarse. There’s nothing really distinguishing about the front except for the Colcasac logo at the top. Overall the case feels very durable to me.


The case is made from one piece of material with a seam going down the back and one on the bottom with the stitching inside.


The case is lined with a thick and fluffy soft fleece material to protect your phone from not only bumps and drops but front scratches as well.


Here’s a a better look at the fleece material, I tried to reverse it a bit to show you. It’s a thick layer of fleece inside of the case and it should do a very good job of protecting your phone.


This case was custom made for my HTC Titan and Colcasac can custom make any size case for you. My Titan is in an HTC C652 hard case and when I sent the measurements to them to make this I included the extra size of the case as well so I wouldn’t have to take my phone out of the case.


The Titan or any phone just slides into the case. It was a very tight fit at first but I noticed after using it a few times it became easier to get the phone in and out of it. The material seemed to loosen up a bit but not much.


The phone goes down inside of the case a little bit and it won’t easily slide out so you don’t have to worry about it just falling out. As I said the material loosened up but not enough for the phone to just slide out on its own.





This Colcasac case I got for review was custom made for the HTC Titan, but you can get standard sizes like for the iPhone or you could have them make a custom one for your phone or tablet or even laptop. The case is the Zagora style and it offers a lot of protection for your phone. It’s made of Hemp so it’s a rough material that should easily withstand the daily rigors of your mobile life and the thick fleece lining that offers more than adequate protection for your phone from accidental drops and scratches. There is no closure on the case but it’s a tight fit and the phone will stay in the case and not accidentally fall out. Depending on the case size you get you may not even have to take your phone out from the regular case you may have on it. You could think of the Colcasac case as an extra added layer of protection for your phone.

The Colcasac case isn’t something I think I’d use everyday as it does add bulk to the phone. Normally I put my phone in my pocket and I try to carry as little as possible with me. When I get in the car I take my phone out of my pocket and leave it sit in a space under my radio that’s meant for little extras you may have. The case doesn’t have a belt clip or strap and it does add bulk to your phone so putting it in your pocket might not work unless you have very large pockets. It’s warm now so I don’t wear a jacket, but in the winter time I might use this case as I normally keep my phone in my jacket and not my pants pocket. The case could also act as a barrier against the elements like the cold as some phones don’t like the cold weather much.

I could see myself using this case though if I were carrying a bag with my laptop or tablet with me. Just slip the phone in the case and then put it into your bag, it adds that extra layer of protection I know I would want for my phone. This case would work great if you were carrying a briefcase as well, most people just toss their phones into their case and let it slide around with everything, the Colcasac case would protect your phone while it’s in there.


+Excellent protection
+Very well made
+Good fit
+Soft lining


-No belt clip or anything to attach with