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Mobility Digest Review: Rivacase 8112 10.2" Tablet Bag

Way back in November I reviewed the Rivacase Tablet bag and I liked it a lot, but I’ve recently gotten another tablet bag for review and I like it better and it’s from Rivacase as well! Today for review I have the Rivacase 8112 which is also a tablet bag for tablets up to 10.2” in size. This bag is much nicer than the one I reviewed previously, but the other one still is nice, I just like the functionality of this new one much better. The 8112 not only features a nice roomy and padded section for your tablet, but it has front and back pockets along with a few smaller pockets as well for things like pencils or whatever. The other bag was nice but this one has become my new favorite for sure. Read to to check it out..


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Gear Zap

Price: £34.95 / $52.77

Overall Rating: 5/5



Rivacase 8112 Tablet Bag 10.2″

Great protection for your tablet
This Rivacase bag will give great protection to your iPad or tablet whilst you transport it around.

Internal pocket for accessories
With an internal pocket for accessories, as well as pockets on the outside, you will always have enough room for your accessories and everyday essentials – and they are kept separate so you can carry it around without the fear of damaging your tablet.

Shoulder strap
Coming with a shoulder strap, you are able to carry your tablet around with ease – even for prolonged periods of time.


The Rivacase 8112 was provided by Gear Zap for review where you can find a large assortment of tablet bags along with plenty of iPad accessories as well.


The Review:

So there’s no special packaging for this bag, just a plastic bag, but then again it is cloth so it’s not like it’s breakable right?!


The bag I got for review is supposed to be brown in color but it looks more of an almost bronze to me. Not a big deal, I like the color of it, it’s different.


Here’s a picture without the tags covering it for you:


The material of the bag is polyester so it should be durable, it does feel nice and sturdy.

The main front pocket zippers closed securely.


Inside of this pocket you’ll find places for pens and pencils and a smaller pocket for whatever.


There’s a second pocket on the front that I almost missed as it’s sort of hidden, it’s zippered as well but the zipper tucks inside of the folds on the front of the bag.


This pocket is smaller and it’s in front of the bigger pocket with the spaces for pens.


Moving to the back of the bag or case you’ll find another semi-hidden pocket.


This pocket is pretty big as it takes up the entire back of the bag.


The bag does have a strap on it which is adjustable, but sadly it’s not removable, which I would have preferred personally. The strapped is thick or wide and it’s nylon just like the rest of the bag, the thickness makes it comfortable to carry the bag around for long periods.



The main compartment zippers closed and in there you’ll find a second section as well. There is a layer of padding on both sides to protect the tablet while it’s in the case.


The smaller section has velcro all the way across to keep it closed and keep your stuff inside.


My main tablet is the Acer Iconia A500 which is 10.1” in size so it fits perfectly inside of the Rivacase 8112.


I recently got another Android tablet, it’s an 8” one though and it fits nicely into the second pocket in the main compartment.  If I wanted to I could carry both tablets at the same time I guess, but there wouldn’t be much separating them.




So what have we learned today? Well I learned that I’ve found a bag for my tablet that I really like.

The Rivacase 8112 tablet bag not only protects the tablet inside thanks to the padding but it has plenty of pockets so you can your days needs with you safely.

So in conclusion if you’re looking for a bag for your tablet that will let you take more than just your tablet along for the day, then you need to seriously consider the Rivacase 8112.

The bag costs just a little under $60, and I think it’s well worth it as it is a quality made and functional product.



+Plenty of pockets
+Looks great
+Offers good protection for your tablet


-Strap isn’t removable