Kristofer: A tampon app now?!?! yeah… whatever.. – Tampon Minder

David K: DO NOT READ THAT PR…it made me puke and reswallow. You’ve all been warned

Doug Simmons: Toxic shock syndrome is no effing joke, insensitive assholes.

Doug Smith: Lmao!

David K: Now I know who doesn’t take my advice… and I don’t know how long a manufacturer advises to keep one of those bad boys in but keep that shit clean. I mean, it should be a conversation.

Murani: I’m not touching this one. I will take David’s advice.

Doug Simmons: Would you grow up Murani? Perhaps I should offer this one to the readers, maybe they can have an intelligent discussion of this important topic. Yes it’s a women’s issue, but it also hits home with mature men like me and not a myopic chauvinist like Murani. TSS is a war, but the good people behind the Tampon Minder app just won us all a few battles with their iPhone and Android release. We just need to keep some pressure on them to port it to Windows Phone. Yeah, I’m posting this.

Doug Smith: Oh God!


  1. Thank you Doug.
    We all Love our Wives, and our Girlfriends. Sisters, and our sister’s friends. Etc…
    We want them to stay safe, health and “Available”
    Sorry, this post begged me to be a dog.

  2. Yeaaahhh. I’m so glad I seemed to have missed this particular email conversation.

    And I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. Nope. I went to the site.

    I mean …
    It’s just …


    Simmons is correct, however: TSS is no joke. Yeah, that’s why I’ve never used them. Plus … how should I put this? There’s only one thing designed to … er … enter that orifice, and a wad of cotton AIN’T IT.

    I’ll go back to being prim and proper now.

  4. Windows Phone users need this!
    with as much crying, bitching and moaning they do about dumb shit something like this can only be a benefit.

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